Getting Started in Surf Ski - Introduction

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(By Rob Mousley, with input from surf ski paddlers around the globe. Grateful thanks to all who contributed.)

For the purposes of this Getting Started Guide, we'll assume that you've never paddled before. We'll also assume that you can swim and that you can hold your breath and dive under water (if you paddle in waves, you'll need to be comfortable in and under the water!) You've seen skis on top of cars, you've seen them on the water; it looks like fun.

It IS fun - and by the time you're at the level where you're capable of paddling a downwind run in 30kts of wind, it doesn't get much more fun…

But how do you start?

We've split the Guide up into several sections:

We hope that these articles will give you a thorough introduction into our wonderful sport of surf ski. We will be expanding and editing the articles and will shortly add photos - pictures after all being worth many thousands of words...

Thanks again to all those who gave of their time and input . It has been great fun to put together and is truly a collaborative work.


Newsgroups and other sources of information

There are a number of newsgroups where paddlers from all over the world share information and stories. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is probably the most active with over 800 members; the South African equivalent (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is more recent and hasn't seen much traffic to date. To join, head over to and follow the instructions...

Future articles will cover:

  • Surf Techniques - getting through the surf zone
  • Safety Equipment for Long Distance Paddling
  • Racing Techniques
  • Endurance Paddling
  • Routes in the Cape Peninsular
  • Entry Level, Intermediate and Advanced Skis

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