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Thursday, 13 December 2012 06:27

When things go wrong...

Chasing 3m breaking waves in 35kt gusts is the best fun you can have outside of tangled sheets – but gear failure can be a much bigger issue.  You have to be mentally and physically prepared for things to go wrong…

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30 August 2012 Porto, Portugal: In the lead up to the Nelo Summer Challenge, a host of international paddlers have gathered in Porto, Portugal, amoung them Sean Rice (SA), Jasper Mocke (SA) and Bill Bain (Aus).  Yesterday, they went out in "serious" downwind conditions, to find two paddlers in serious trouble.

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Friday, 28 December 2007 00:01

Surf Ski Rescue Techniques

In recent months there have been several fatal accidents in the Northern Hemisphere involving surf ski paddlers and cold water. 

Surf Ski rescue techniques
Heather and Brandon Nelson practise rescue techniques (http://ultramarathonpaddling.blogspot.com)

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Saturday, 02 June 2007 13:47

Essential Surf Ski Skills - The Remount

ImageRemounting your ski is an essential skill.  Fall off in cold water offshore - you need to get back on that ski immediately before you get cold.  Fall off in the surf zone - you need to get back on fast before the next set comes in.

And yet, how to remount is one of the commonest questions - especially from beginners.  What's the "straddle" method?  How does it differ from the "sidesaddle" method? 

Here are some answers...

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Friday, 02 December 2005 11:45

Getting Started - Safety

This, the second article in a series on Getting Started in Surf Ski, covers the basics of safety.

Future articles will go into more depth, and will discuss safety measures when paddling offshore, for example.
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Friday, 19 May 2006 19:10

Rescue in False Bay

ImageThe Paddler

Christmas night 2005 - Alan Witherden lay awake listening to the howling wind.  The southeaster had been blowing hard for several days and thoughts of the resulting rough seas were preying on Alan's mind.  In Cape Town on holiday, he had arranged to join his friend John Rhynes for an early morning paddle the next day.  They were to do the famous "Millers Run" from Millers Point near Simonstown, across the bay to Fish Hoek.

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The NSRI Fundraiser at Seaforth Beach in Cape Town takes place this weekend.  Sometimes one has to wonder whether the NSRI looks forward to these "fundraiser" events...  Last year the southeaster came roaring in and about 40% of the fleet ended up "retired, hurt" and ironically many of them had to be rescued by the NSRI.

NSRI Seaforth surf ski 2006
Pic 1: High speed rescue...
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Wednesday, 08 October 2008 02:04

Paddlers beware: Silent Killer on the loose

[Editor: In the Southern Hemisphere, we're approaching summer...  and here's a timely article from dermatologist Dr. Gavin Gottschalk to remind us that that it's not all fun in the sun...]

Skin cancer
Silent Killer at work...

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Wednesday, 28 June 2006 10:56

Rescuers tell of luck in saving Slabbert

It‘s been just over two days since DA ward councillor Stanford Slabbert‘s near fatal brush with hypothermia, and the men involved with saving him feel it was a stroke of good luck they were able to assist.


An avid paddling enthusiast, Slabbert was surfskiing in the third leg of the Sportsworld Downwind Winter Series Race on Saturday, when he was knocked from his ski by a large wave.

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Sunday, 25 June 2006 18:58

Port Elizabeth Surf Ski Rescue

Spirit of Toft
Port Elizabeth, 24 June, 2006. Surf-skier rescued after going missing at sea has been taken directly to hospital for treatment for hypothermia aboard an SA Air Force helicopter.  


Ian Gray, NSRI Port Elizabeth Station Commander said: "At 15h20 NSRI Port Elizabeth were activated to a report of 2 surf-skier's suspected to be missing at sea during the surf-ski event the "Sportsworld Downwind Winter Series Race 3", between Sardinia Bay and Noordhoek near Port Elizabeth.


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