Mark Feather RIP - A message of condolence from your Australian Mates

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 23:40 | Written by  Tim Hookins
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Mark Feather RIP - A message of condolence from your Australian Mates

On Saturday 15th of November a downwind ocean race was held in East London, South Africa.  One of the paddlers, Mark Feather, was lost at sea during the event and was later found deceased 40 km past the finish on Monday morning.

On behalf of the community of ocean racing paddlers of Paddle New South Wales and indeed all of Australian Canoeing, I send our condolences and sympathy to the family of Mark and to the paddling community in East London and South Africa. We feel a bond with you born of competing against you and hearing of your exploits and accomplishments. We know of the care and planning you undertake in running events like these from seeing the procedures you produce while we do likewise. We feel for you when things turn out so adversely as they have on this occasion.

As an Australian I feel a special pang of sorrow because I was born and raised in East London and I've always felt proud of that boisterous, inclusive and caring band of people who live there and paddle as members of the Border Canoe Club. More than 45 years after I left the town you still make me feel like one of you and take care of me when I visit. We can only wonder at how you dear people, starting with Mark's family, might be feeling now given how wonderfully you always treat people. We here in Australia have you in our thoughts and wish you solace and comfort at this sad time.

With our best wishes,

Tim Hookins

Chair, Paddle New South Wales

Australian Canoeing Ocean Racing Committee Member

Sydney, Australia


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