Jasper Mocke wins final SA race

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Fish Hoek Beach – Jasper Mockè snatched the final race of the Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski series with a thrilling win in the Hansa Peter Creese Lighthouse race, leaving the final outcome of the series hanging in the balance as the series bosses study results to separate brothers Jasper and Dawid Mockè, both of whom won three races in the nine race series.

Kim Brugman wins the women's race
Kim Brugman wins the women's race Credits: John Hishin/Gameplan Media

Superb weather

Racing in superb weather and ocean conditions off Fish Hoek, the elite paddlers stayed together in a bunch for the first half of the race, but at the turn round the light house, first Tom Schilperoort got washed off his ski and then Sean Rice caught in the surf, leaving the door open for the Mockè pair to race away to the finish.

Discovery Sunglass Hut Series


Discovery Sunglass Hut Series

...and back - in superb summer weather...

End Sprint

It came down to an end sprint where Jasper beat his older brother Dawid by three seconds, with Sean Rice third, followed by Fish Hoek Lifesaving Captain Jayden Alford Loots, visiting Dutch paddler Joep Van Bakel and series junior winner Dominic Notten rounding out the top six.

Jasper Mocke

Hmm... where's Dawid?!  Jasper Mocke wins his 3rd series race

Dawid Mocke

Dawid Mocke - second.

"It was a hard race”, laughed Jasper Mockè afterwards, “but then what do you expect form a group like this?, It always great to win and with the 2011 Fenn Cape Point Challenge next week I feel great and think I have a good chance of winning”.

Series Standings

Jasper Mockè win brought with it an air of mystery, as a computer crash left the timekeepers stranded high and dry on the beach and unable to insert the final race results into the complicated formula that decides the series standings, leaving the brothers to wait for confirmation early this week about who ahs actually won the series.

Women’s Race

The women's race was won by Kim Brugman from Bianca Beavitt by less than a minute, bringing suspense to who the series winner is in this category as well, as with the last race to go they were neck and neck.

"Until now I had no idea how close it was between Bianca and myself," said Brugmann after the race. "This is the first year I have really trained hard and am really enjoying my paddling”.

Bianca Beavitt

Bianca Beavitt

The juniors were dominated again by the up and coming Dominic Notten who finished sixths overall.

Cape Point Challenge

All eyes are on the Marathon Cape Point Challenge next weekend which is boasting the biggest entry of all time, with a number of National and international paddlers journeying to Cape Town to Compete. More details can be found at www.surfski.co.za

Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series






  1. Jasper Mocke (Peninsula) 0:45:50
  2. Dawid Mocke (Peninsula) 0:46:02
  3. Sean Rice (Peninsula) 0:46:48
  4. Jayden Alford Loots (Peninsula) 0:47:46
  5. Joep Van Bakel (Netherlands) 0:47:56
  6. Dominic Notten (Peninsula) 0:49:05


  1. Kim Brugmann (Peninsula) 
  2. Bianca Beavitt (Milnerton) 
  3. Donia Kamstra (Strand)

Phil Pla-Pillans and Dale Lewis

Phil Pla-Pillans and Dale Lewis win the doubles race


  1. Phil Pla-Pillans/Dale Lewis 
  2. Kennith Rice/Nicholas Notten 


  1. Dominic Notten (Wynberg Boys)

Event information

  • Venue: Cape Town, South Africa
    Date: 11 Dec 2011
  • Organiser: Billy Harker
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published in Africa

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