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At a media briefing this morning, race organising committee Chairman Butch Murray confirmed that the World Cup course will start at Durban Underwater Club at 8am on Sunday 29th June to finish at Westbrook, approximately 33km away.

Media Briefing - Durban World Cup 2008
Oscar, Butch Murray, Hank McGregor and Tim Jacobs talk to the press (Pic: Rob Mousley)

Butch was careful to point out that if the conditions do become extreme an alternate course could be chosen should the safety of the paddlers become an issue.  However, the current forecast for Sunday is showing winds of approximately 15kts SW on Sunday - ideal conditions for a superb downwind contest.

Windguru forecast
Latest Forecast (16h00, Friday)


Eight safety craft will be following the race.  The start will be done in batches with the slowest paddlers leaving first; the elite paddlers last.  The aim will be to have everyone off the water within half an hour of the elite paddlers arriving at Westbrook.

"Let me make it absolutely clear," said Butch, "PFDs and leashes are compulsory as well as flares and/or cell phone."

Butch went on to confirm that a safety call will be made on the day to limit the field to A and B grade paddlers only if necessary.  (Experienced paddlers from other grades will have an opportunity to motivate for their inclusion.)

Epic Kayaks Fenn Kayaks

Prize Giving

The prize giving ceremony will take place back at the race venue at Durban Underwater Club, from lunchtime.

Start Format

The start will be a "wet start" with the paddlers standing waist deep in water - the calm water at DUC lends itself to this method.

Paddler registration will start at 06h30 and the start will be at 08h00.


The finish will be on the beach at Westbrook, demarcated by flags, with the finish line as close to the water as possible to limit the run up the sand.

John Oliver from KNCU will be doing the timekeeping.


Live Coverage

There will be Championchip GPS Tracker units on the top twenty or so seeded paddlers' skis including the top women and the live positions will be displayed on a big screen at Durban Underwater Club.  The same view of the race will be available from http://www.surfski.info/ along with live commentary from the escort boats who will be reporting on the conditions, tactics, etc.

Championchip X5
Championchip X5 Tracker unit

Relay Race on Saturday

A fun relay race will start at 10h00 on Saturday - teams of 4 paddlers plus a swimmer will compete, with each paddler completing two laps of approximately 1.5km each.

More details on http://www.surfskiworldcup.com/

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