Big Surf Challenges in Durban - Bouman & Eray win again... (Pics)

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Durban - Rough seas played havoc with the Hi-Q Marine race which formed the sixth leg of the popular Discovery Men's Health Surf Ski Series but this didn't stop the series pacesetters Matt Bouman and Michéle Eray from winning, and extending their unbeaten runs in this winter's series.


Wrong-way Herman

The men's race was shrouded in drama after Herman Chalupsky arrived at the finish of the 15 kilometer, two lap race a full six minutes ahead of Bouman. However after brief discussions with his fellow competitors Chalupsky realised he had forgotten to turn around the final buoy at Bay Beach during his final lap.

The intriguing race format required the paddlers to make three beach stops on each lap, coming ashore through the big surf at Snake Park beach, North Beach and the Durban Undersea Club, making it a technically demanding race for every single paddler in the big field.


Bouman Delighted

Bouman was delighted when it was confirmed that he indeed won the race. "It was a really fun race even with the sea being bumpy," said Bouman. "I doubt anyone wouldn't have enjoyed this race!" 

"We look forward to races like this," said Barry Lewin who claimed second position. "Especially where Billy Harker (race organiser) decided on placing the turning cans in the surf line."


Michele Eray Again

A cheerful Michéle Eray maintained her top position in the women's rankings after claiming her sixth successive title in the winter series. "That was a great jol," said Eray. "I think it was actually the most fun race I've ever had in Durban!"

Eray lead the female paddlers throughout the race although gave credit to the top men that selected "clever lines" nearer to the piers. Toti's Michelle Eder took second position a mere two and a half minutes behind Eray. "It was great fun coming in and out of the surf, which makes for great surf ski paddling," said Eder.

The doubles race went to Richard Philips and Quinton Rutherford and the mixed doubles race was claimed by Shaun and Alison Uys.

Pics by Anthony Grote - for more, go to  



  1. Matt Bouman 01:03:58
  2. Barry Lewin 01:06:27
  3. Oscar Chalupsky 01:07:04
  4. Andre Pohl 01:07:13
  5. Wayne Wilson 01:08:02
  6. Mark Mulder 01:09:34
  7. Jeffrey Smith 01:11:22
  8. Matthew Collins 01:11:27
  9. Mark Lewin 01:13:00
  10. Jaysen Golding 01:13:29


  1. Michèle Eray 01:12:57
  2. Michelle Eder 01:15:23
  3. Carol Joyce 01:17:37

Double ski

  1. Richard Philips / Gary Clarke 01:17:14
  2. Gavin Searle / Quinton Rutherford 01:07:26
  3. Joe Boy / Stephen Evans 01:09:55

Mixed Double ski

  1. Sean Uys / Alison Uys 01:11:22
  2. Debra Barker / Dave Herridge 01:16:23
  3. Adriaan Struwig / Colleen Struwig 01:17:34



20 June Scottburgh Winter Solstice Cyclelab race, Scottburgh

28 June CMH Toyota Pirates Umhlanga Pirates, Durban

5 July KZN Awnings Downwind, Amanzimtoti

11 July Durban Surf Ski World Cup, Durban

18 July Men's Health Scottburgh to Brighton

Full details of the series can be found at

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