Tim Jacobs - Steelcase Dragon Run Champion 2011 ** pics **

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Australia's muscleman and unsung hero, Tim Jacobs (36) to-day issued due-reminder of his immense endurance-paddling talents by winning Hong Kong's 23km Steelcase Dragon Run final world surfski series event in most emphatic fashion when he raced across the finish-line 52 seconds ahead of his nearest rival, South Africa's 2011 world-champion Dawid Mockè..

Tim Jacobs - 2011 Steelcase Dragon Run Champion
Tim Jacobs - 2011 Steelcase Dragon Run Champion Credits: Graham Uden

South Africa's Dawid Mockè said afterwards "Tim & I have now won this race and the Dubai Shamaal on 2 occasions each, and we always battle it out to the last metre, but I've got to acknowledge that "Tiny" Tim showed us who the boss is here to-day."

Hank McGregor, South Africa's world marathon K1 champion and generally regarded as the globe's best all-round K1, k2, single-surfski as well as double-surfski paddler, finished in 3rd place, just 35 seconds behind Mockè who heads the Ocean Paddler World Surfski Series (WSS) Rankings for 2011. This is Mockè's third world-title, having won it in 2009 and 2010 as well.

South Africa's Beijing Olympic K4 stroke, Michele Eray (SA) who was ruled out of the Dragon Run due to injury heads the Women's World Rankings...

Dragon Run Start

Lining up for the start in Clearwater Bay

Nine Pins

L-R: Shannon Eckstein, Dawid Mocke, Hank McGregor and Tim Jacobs approach the turn at Nine Pins

Hank McGregor

Hank McGregor close to the rocks at Nine Pins

Oscar Chalupsky and Greg Barton

Oscar Chalupsky and Greg Barton in the new Epic double round the "Kissing Whales" with Sean Rice in hot pursuit

Mocke and Jacobs

"Well done Tim!" - Mocke congratulates Tim Jacobs


Dawid Mocke (2nd), Tim Jacobs (1st) and Hank McGregor (3rd) with the sponsors

Women's winners

Lara Wozniak (3rd), Alexa Cole (1st) and Camille de Carmejane (2nd)

Women's Race

South Africa's resurgent Alexa Cole ((1:50:51), was 1st lady home in to-day's race, with Hong Kong's Camille Carmejane ((2:04:55) in 2nd spot and her clubmate Lara Wozniak (2:14:18) taking the bronze-medal.

Photos and Video

More pics and Rambo's video will be up soon...

Steelcase Dragon Run

Results - 2011 Steelcase Dragon Run (23km)

NameCountryDivisionOverall PlaceTimeModelCategory Place
Tim Jacobs AUS SS1-MALE 1 01:32:36 Nelo 1st SS1-M
David Mocke ZAF SS1-MALE 2 01:33:28 Fenn-Mako Elite 2nd SS1-M
Hank Mcgregor ZAF SS1-MALE 3 01:34:01 Fenn-Mako Elite 3rd SS1-M
Cory Hill AUS SS1-MALE 4 01:34:09 Epic-V10 4th SS1-M
Jasper Mocke ZAF SS1-MALE 5 01:34:21 Fenn-Mako Elite 5th SS1-M
Ben Allen AUS SS1-MALE 6 01:34:29 Fenn-Mako Elite 6th SS1-M
Tom Schilperoort ZAF SS1-MALE 7 01:34:36 Fenn-Mako Elite 7th SS1-M
Sean Rice ZAF SS1-MALE 8 01:34:59 Think - Uno 8th SS1-M
Jeremy Cotter AUS SS1-MALE 9 01:35:12 Fenn-Mako Elite 9th SS1-M
Michael Booth AUS SS1-MALE 10 01:35:22 Think - Evo 10th SS1-M
Oscar Chalupsky / Greg Barton ZAF OC2-MIXED 11 01:35:41 Epic-V10 1st SS2-M
Shannon Eckstein AUS SS1-MALE 12 01:36:11 Fenn-Mako Elite 11th SS1-M
Grant van der Walt ZAF SS1-MALE 13 01:39:02 Fenn-Mako Elite 12th SS1-M
David Rhodes AUS SS1-MALE 14 01:41:30 Fenn-Mako Elite 13th SS1-M
Mark Anderson AUS SS1-MALE 15 01:42:03 Fenn-Mako Elite 14th SS1-M
Tepa Leopold TAH SS1-MALE 16 01:42:38 Fenn-Mako Elite 15th SS1-M
Dean Beament AUS SS1-MALE 17 01:42:59 Fenn-Mako Elite 16th SS1-M
Nuno Andre Santos POR SS1-MALE 18 01:44:10 Nelo 17th SS1-M
Dan Collins AUS SS1-MALE 19 01:45:04 Fenn-Mako Elite 18th SS1-M
Dobler Michael DEU SS1-MALE 20 01:46:06 Epic-V10 19th SS1-M
Fifilis Framch GLP SS1-MALE 21 01:46:26 Epic-V10L 20th SS1-M
Barff TAH SS1-MALE 22 01:47:06 Fenn-Mako Elite 21st SS1-M
Shaun Rice AUS SS1-MALE 23 01:48:20 Oceanbuilt 22nd SS1-M
Adam Baker AUS SS1-MALE 24 01:50:35 Epic-V12 23rd SS1-M
Rene Appel / Li Yin HKG SS2-OPEN 25 01:50:44 Epic-V10 1st SS2-O
Alexa Cole ZAF SS1-FEMALE 26 01:50:51 Allwave CX 1st SS1-F
Rob Wall HKG SS1-MALE 27 01:50:56 Fenn-Mako Elite 24th SS1-M
Karel Tresnak HWI OC1-MALE 28 01:51:46 OC - Zephyr 1st OC1-M
Jon Dingley HKG SS1-MALE 29 01:52:03 Epic-V10 25th SS1-M
Anthony Pearse ZAF SS1-MALE 30 01:53:35 Epic-V10 Sport 26th SS1-M
Leon Rossbotham HKG SS1-MALE 31 01:54:01 Epic-V10L 27th SS1-M
Hitomu Onizuka JPN SS1-MALE 32 01:54:33 Think - Evo 28th SS1-M
Richard Eadie AUS SS1-MALE 33 01:54:46 Epic-V12 29th SS1-M
Craig Nortje HKG SS1-MALE 34 01:54:57 Epic-V10 30th SS1-M
Takuya Akiyama JPN SS1-MALE 35 01:55:16 Custom Kayaks 31st SS1-M
Matt Bennett HKG SS1-MALE 36 01:57:03 Epic-V10 Sport 32nd SS1-M
Steve Taylor HKG SS1-MALE 37 01:57:24 Epic-V10 Sport 33rd SS1-M
Robert Schlipper HKG SS1-MALE 38 01:57:56 Epic-V10 Sport 34th SS1-M
Shun Shirahaia JPN SS1-MALE 39 01:58:21 Think - Uno 35th SS1-M
Rob Kawai HKG SS1-MALE 40 01:58:56 Fenn-Mako Elite 36th SS1-M
Boris Manzewski HKG SS1-MALE 41 01:59:16 Epic-V10L 37th SS1-M
Phil Seaton AUS SS1-MALE 42 02:00:01 Epic-V10 38th SS1-M
Rodney Bennett AUS SS1-MALE 43 02:00:05 Epic-V10 Sport 39th SS1-M
Daryl Remmler CAN SS1-MALE 44 02:00:18 Think - Fit 40th SS1-M
Connell Weston HKG SS1-MALE 45 02:00:33 Fenn-Mako Elite 41st SS1-M
Paul Dingley HKG SS1-MALE 46 02:00:42 Epic-V10 Sport 42nd SS1-M
John Violett HKG SS1-MALE 47 02:01:27 Epic-V10 Sport 43rd SS1-M
Goussaire REU SS1-MALE 48 02:01:31 Epic-V10 44th SS1-M
John Bennett HKG SS1-MALE 49 02:01:36 Epic-V10 Sport 45th SS1-M
Chris Pennicott HKG SS1-MALE 50 02:01:44 Epic-V10 Sport 46th SS1-M
Arjan Bloem NLD SS1-MALE 51 02:02:46 Epic-V12 47th SS1-M
Rob Mousley ZAF SS1-MALE 52 02:03:00 Epic-V10 48th SS1-M
Andy Cummings HKG OC1-MALE 53 02:03:22 OC - Pueo 2nd OC1-M
Jake Hamstra HKG OC1-MALE 54 02:03:25 OC - Pueo 3rd OC1-M
Fung Wan Him HKG SS1-MALE 55 02:04:16 OC - Hurricane 49th SS1-M
Lam Ho Tsun / Chu Wai Kin HKG SS2-OPEN 56 02:04:24 Fenn-Mako Elite 2nd SS2-O
Camille De Carmejane-Vesc HKG SS1-FEMALE 57 02:04:55 Nelo 2nd SS1-F
Hiro Sawada JPN SS1-MALE 58 02:05:46 Think - Evo 50th SS1-M
Lee Mussi HKG OC1-MALE 59 02:06:19 OC - Pueo 4th OC1-M
Gwinner Uli HKG SS1-MALE 60 02:06:38 Epic-V10 Sport 51st SS1-M
Michael Lawson AUS SS1-MALE 61 02:07:05 Epic-V10 52nd SS1-M
Nick Barnes HKG OC1-MALE 62 02:07:33 OC - Pueo 5th OC1-M
Adam Giles HKG OC1-MALE 63 02:07:57 OC - Pueo 6th OC1-M
Anna Mathison HKG OC1-FEMALE 64 02:08:13 OC - Pueo 1st OC1-F
Jeremy Woodall HKG SS1-MALE 65 02:08:40 Think - Evo 53rd SS1-M
Mark Shoebridge AUS SS1-MALE 66 02:09:32 Epic-V10 Sport 54th SS1-M
Ross Meyer ZAF SS1-MALE 67 02:09:49 Fenn-Mako 6 55th SS1-M
Igor Zarvbin RUS SS1-MALE 68 02:10:28 Epic-V10L 56th SS1-M
Phil De Graat AUS SS1-MALE 69 02:10:47 Fenn-Mako 6 57th SS1-M
Chan Man Chun HKG SS1-MALE 70 02:10:59 Epic-V8 58th SS1-M
Sergei Tovkan RUS OC1-MALE 71 02:11:27 OC - Fusion 7th OC1-M
Brett Boutelle JPN OC1-MALE 72 02:12:55 OC - Zephyr 8th OC1-M
Marcelo Rosas / Katherine Lynch HKG OC2-OPEN 73 02:14:04 Huki 1st OC2-O
Dave Button ZAF SS1-MALE 74 02:14:11 Epic-V10 Sport 59th SS1-M
Lara Wozniak HKG SS1-FEMALE 75 02:14:18 Epic-V10 Sport 3rd SS1-F
Esther Ellis / Brett Ellis SGP OC2-OPEN 76 02:14:23 OC - Sting Ray 2nd OC2-O
David Taylor HKG SS1-MALE 77 02:14:38 Epic-V12 60th SS1-M
Peter Farmer AUS SS1-MALE 78 02:14:53 Other 61st SS1-M
Xen Gladstone HKG SS1-MALE 79 02:15:17 Think - Evo 62nd SS1-M
Greg Faris HKG SS1-MALE 80 02:15:21 Epic-V10 Sport 63rd SS1-M
Baldran Romain FRA SS1-MALE 81 02:15:35 Fenn-Mako XT 64th SS1-M
Greg Wood HKG SS1-MALE 82 02:16:05 Epic-V10 Sport 65th SS1-M
Simon Zeng HKG SS1-MALE 83 02:16:33 Epic-V10 Sport 66th SS1-M
Shmigidin Mikhail RUS SS1-MALE 84 02:16:43 Epic-V10 Sport 67th SS1-M
Charles Brand ZAF SS1-MALE 85 02:18:09 Epic-V10 Sport 68th SS1-M
Nick Jaffe HKG SS1-MALE 86 02:18:23 Epic-V10 Sport 69th SS1-M
Kazuhisa Tanaka JPN SS1-MALE 87 02:18:43 Think - Evo 70th SS1-M
Denes Szaszak HUN OC1-MALE 88 02:19:22 Other 9th OC1-M
Aya Asanuma / Jeremy Taylor SGP OC2-OPEN 89 02:19:32 OC - Sting Ray 3rd OC2-O
Coulet FRA SS1-MALE 90 02:19:37 Fenn-Mako XT 71st SS1-M
Andrew Watts HKG SS1-MALE 91 02:20:23 Epic-V10 Sport 72nd SS1-M
Matthew Browne HKG OC1-MALE 92 02:20:47 OC - Pegasus 10th OC1-M
Alexandre Lopes de Miranda HKG OC1-MALE 93 02:20:52 OC - Pueo 11th OC1-M
Mike Taylor/George Christopoulos HKG OC2-OPEN 94 02:21:02 Other 4th OC2-O
Benjamin Gebert / Vincent Vacaulle HKG OC2-OPEN 95 02:21:27 Other 5th OC2-O
Messan Makino HKG SS1-FEMALE 96 02:21:33 Epic-V10L 4th SS1-F
Summie Tam HKG OC1-FEMALE 97 02:21:43 OC - Pegasus 2nd OC1-F
Adrian Zuber SGP OC1-MALE 98 02:21:48 OC - Osprey 12th OC1-M
Claudius Grete CHE OC1-MALE 99 02:22:38 OC - Hurricane 13th OC1-M
George Christofis HKG SS1-MALE 100 02:23:33 Epic-V10 73rd SS1-M
Kazushige Nakao JPN OC1-MALE 101 02:24:14 OC - Osprey 14th OC1-M
Katerina Vichou HKG OC1-FEMALE 102 02:24:28 OC - Hurricane 3rd OC1-F
Andre Nobre SGP OC1-MALE 103 02:24:38 OC - Osprey 15th OC1-M
Andrew Wardle HKG SS1-MALE 104 02:25:11 Epic-V10 Sport 74th SS1-M
Lister Woo HKG OC1-MALE 105 02:26:00 OC - Hurricane 16th OC1-M
Jason Taper HKG SS1-MALE 106 02:27:11 Epic-V8 75th SS1-M
Andrew Button ZAF SS1-MALE 107 02:27:34 Epic-V12 76th SS1-M
Phil Rowland HKG SS1-MALE 108 02:27:43 Epic-V10 Sport 77th SS1-M
Robert Stevenson HKG SS1-MALE 109 02:28:05 Epic-V8 78th SS1-M
Christian Brun HKG OC1-MALE 110 02:28:58 OC - Osprey 17th OC1-M
Evan Beer SGP OC1-MALE 111 02:30:05 OC - Zephyr 18th OC1-M
Kevin Kelly HKG OC1-MALE 112 02:30:49 OC - Pueo 19th OC1-M
Naomi Kobara JPN OC1-FEMALE 113 02:30:57 OC - Osprey 4th OC1-F
Petra Schuler SGP OC1-FEMALE 114 02:31:40 Huki  
Guy Horne HKG SS1-MALE 115 02:32:56 Epic-V10 Sport  
Pete Grout HKG SS1-MALE 116 02:33:23 Epic-V10  
Shekhar Kumta m Shaky HKG SS1-MALE 117 02:33:35 Epic-V8  
Alexander Patterson SGP OC1-MALE 118 02:35:05 OC - Hurricane  
Jo Jones HKG OC1-FEMALE 119 02:35:29 Other  
Shouichi Katou JPN SS1-MALE 120 02:36:10 Fenn-Mako XT  
Laura Ediger HKG OC1-FEMALE 121 02:37:06 OC - Hurricane  
Alexander RUS OC1-MALE 122 02:38:05 Other  
Sara K Jordan HKG OC1-FEMALE 123 02:38:20 OC - Hurricane  
Corinne Parker HKG OC1-FEMALE 124 02:39:36 OC - Hurricane  
Tony Simpson HKG SS1-MALE 125 02:39:52 Epic-V8  
Hidenori Terada JPN OC1-MALE 126 02:40:03 OC - Pegasus  
January Kristie Briones Migalbin SGP OC1-FEMALE 127 02:42:12 OC - Hurricane  
Martha Levin HKG OC1-FEMALE 128 02:42:36 OC - Hurricane  
Peter Dunn HKG SS1-MALE 129 02:43:25 Fenn-Mako XT  
Masaru Tamura JPN SS1-MALE 130 02:44:35 Custom Kayaks  
Machiko Kageyama SGP OC1-FEMALE 131 02:47:00 OC - Hurricane  
Pun Ka Leung HKG SS1-MALE 132 02:52:08 Epic-V8  
Tso Him Leung HKG SS1-MALE 133 02:54:24 Epic-V8  
Leslie Shaffer SGP OC1-FEMALE 134 02:55:05 OC - Hurricane  
Neerajdatt Vijay Soman HKG SS1-MALE 135 02:55:59 Epic-V8  
Edith Terry HKG OC1-FEMALE 136 02:59:20 OC - Hurricane  
Yukiko Yasamoto JPN OC1-FEMALE 137 03:02:53 OC - Pegasus  
Luke Russell SGP OC1-MALE DNF DNF OC - Zephyr  


Results - 2011 Steelcase Chicken Run (10km)

NameCountryDivisionOverall PlaceTimeModel
Clarence Chua SGP SS1-MALE 1 00:51:27 Nelo
Adam Crawford HKG SS1-MALE 2 00:51:56 Epic-V10 Sport
Lachlan Farmer AUS SS1-MALE 3 00:54:40 Other
Brandon Sedloff HKG SS1-MALE 4 00:54:55 Think - Uno
Rupert Harrow HKG SS1-MALE 5 00:58:02 Fenn-Mako XT
Mao Jiebin CHN SS1-MALE 6 00:59:28 Epic-V8
Lou Guocan HKG SS1-MALE 7 01:00:15 Epic-V8
Davey Zhang CHN SS1-MALE 8 01:03:34 Epic-V8
Matthew U HKG SS1-MALE 9 01:04:12 Epic-V10 Sport
Jincan Zhang CHN SS1-MALE 10 01:05:40 Epic-V8
Tom Hulme HKG SS1-MALE 11 01:11:05 Fenn-Mako XT
Lee Wong HKG OC1-FEMALE 12 01:11:11 Other
Sawai Anjali Ashok HKG OC1-FEMALE 13 01:16:51 OC - Fuze
Cheung King Fong HKG OC1-FEMALE 14 01:32:22 OC - Hurricane


The next scheduled World-Surfski-Series.com (WSS) race is scheduled for Perth (Australia) on 21st January 2012, billed as "The Doctor". This will be the first of the new, 10-races, 2012 Oceanpaddler (world-surfski) series.

Event information

  • Venue: Hong Kong
    Date: 19 Nov, 2011
  • Organiser: Andy Orr
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published in Asia

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