Tim Jacobs wins Perth Doctor for the second year running (Commentary)

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The weather wasn’t what the doctor ordered –but it was a fascinating, gruelling race between some of the best surfski paddlers in the world...

Tim Jacobs wins the 2012 Perth Doctor
Tim Jacobs wins the 2012 Perth Doctor

Race Summary

We’ll be getting stories up in the next few days but in summary:

Conditions: 28C but a cooling 10kt westerly sidewind.  Light chop on the sea that the top paddlers could work into runs.  

5-time Olympian Clint Robinson sprinted off the start line to take the hotspot.

The lead bunch dwindled to four – the Mocke brothers, Clint Robinson and Tim Jacobs.

Dawid Mocke made a move, dicing for the lead with Clint Robinson, but Tim Jacobs and Jasper Mocke powered up and took the lead.  Dawid dropped back and then there were three.  Then Clint Robinson took an inshore line, fell back and then there were two.

Tim Jacobs

Tim Jacobs streaks away on his own

TJ put the hammer down and created a 100m lead on Jasper Mocke – and that’s how they crossed the line.

  1. Tim Jacobs (Aus) 1:50:10
  2. Jasper Mocke (SA) 1:50:44
  3. Dawid Mocke (SA) 1:51:54
  4. Michael Booth (Aus) 01:52:20
  5. Bruce Taylor (Au s) 01:52:46

The women’s race was dominated by local, Ruth Highman.

  1. Ruth Highman in  02:15:36
  2. Claire Duncan (Aus) 02:24:02
  3. Kylie Broad 02:35:01

Full Results


Live text commentary transcript

Event information

  • Venue: Perth, Australia
    Date: 21 Jan 2011
  • Organiser: Dean Gardiner
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published in Aus/NZ

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