Chicago Shoreline Marathon: Rice v Mocke Smackdown (again)!

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Race delayed – bit of a curved ball – but we’re getting used to that,” said Dawid Mocke as the Chicago Shoreline Marathoners took shelter from the lightning, 50mph winds and driving rain.

Dawid Mocke at the finish - exhausted!
Dawid Mocke at the finish - exhausted! Credits: Richard Hodgkins and Scott Fincher

Late Start

“One of the worst thunderstorms I’ve ever seen,” Mocke commented.  “I’m glad we weren’t out there in it. Good call by [race director] Tim and his team.”

Chicago Shoreline Marathon

Nearly three hours after the scheduled start, the paddlers set off into the unsettled lake, heading initially due east.  On rounding a buoy off the beach, they sprinted south to the $500 hotspot.

Chicago Shoreline Marathon

Rice and Mocke sprint off the start; Lewin close behind

“I put 2 lengths into Sean at the turn,” said Mocke.  But the determined 22-year-old accelerated, pipping Mocke to the hotspot by inches.  “I’ve never been beaten to a hotspot like that after seemingly having it in the bag!”


After rounding the hotspot buoy, the race headed north, plowing into the 3-4ft waves and 10kt northerly left by the thunderstorm.

Having lead the way to the hotspot, Mocke and Rice were joined by Philippe Boccara, Greg Barton and Barry Lewin and the pack of five rapidly dropped the rest of the field.

Chicago Shoreline Marathon

The gang of five (L-R): Sean Rice, Barry Lewin, Greg Barton, Dawid Mocke, Philippe Boccara

“The sprint to the hotspot took it out of me,” commented Mocke, “and I pretty much hung on for the 14.5km north.”

Two clicks from the halfway mark at Pratt Pier, Rice accelerated and the group split, Mocke hanging on, Barton and Lewin unable to keep up.

Mocke and Rice approached the turn together, but Mocke, on the inside took a risky line over a shallow pipe and put a couple of lengths lead into Rice.

Barton rounded in third position with Lewin showing signs of distress in fourth.

“Looks like Barry [Lewin] is limping,” commented race director Tim Flentye as he watched.  “Looks like he might be cramping up.”

Sure enough – Lewin had suffered a mishap with his juice bag and was busy dehydrating.

Race Gallery by Richard Hodgkins

Heading South

For much of the run south, the paddlers were assisted by the waves and Mocke and Rice rapidly dropped the less experienced (in downwind conditions) Barton.

“After the turn there were some decent bumps and Sean and I went at it hammer and tongs,” said Mocke.  “I got a gap on him, but the fight was on.”

Chicago Shoreline Marathon

So near and yet so far... Rice trails Mocke near the finish

5km from the finish Rice had almost caught up.  “Eventually,” said Mocke “I thought he might catch me and I decided not to look but just to paddle as hard as I could.”

As they approached the finish, the wind swung round and they were faced with a headwind and rapidly diminishing waves.  “That part wasn’t fun!” said an exhausted, but elated Mocke.

Sean Rice


Full Results

Finish OrderNameFinal timeCraft 
1 Dawid Mocke 2:08:20 Fenn Elite  
2 Sean Rice 2:08:59 Think Uno  
3 Greg Barton 2:13:24 Epic V12  
4 Philippe Boccara 2:16:08 Fenn Elite  
5 Barry Lewin 2:18:43 Custom Kayaks Bullet  
6 Robert Hartman 2:19:01 Epic V12 Ultra  
7 Barend Spies 2:28:34 Epic V10L  
8 Sean Lupton-Smith 2:28:41 Epic V10L  
9 Austin Schwinn 2:29:09 Epic V12  
10 Steve Gurney 2:30:44 Epic V10L NZ
11 Jonathan Sanborn 2:31:36 Epic V12  
12 Kiril Florev 2:34:12 Epic V10L  
13 Zachary Handler 2:34:39 Epic V12  
14 Kevin LeRoy 2:36:36 Fenn Mako6 surfski  
15 Greg Greene 2:43:51 Huki S1-X  
16 Phillip Taylor 2:44:47 Epic V10 Sport  
17 John Tebbens 2:45:31 Epic V10sport surfski  
18 Daniel Sikora 2:48:31 Fenn Elite Surfski  
19 Sven Jonsson 2:51:51 oscar ski  
20 Mike Brumbaugh 2:53:31 Epic V8  
21 Neil Wiesner-Hanks 2:55:30 Stingray OC  
22 Yuriy Ardashnikov 2:58:43 QCC Q700X  
23 Ed Leszek 2:59:22 Epic V8  
24 Elmore Holmes 2:59:53 Epic V12 surfski  
25 Rick Rojahn 3:05:28 Epic 18X  
26 Ron Smith 3:05:43 Epic Endurance 18  
27 Milan & Tomas Kratka 3:08:21 OC-2  
28 Dick Pula 3:08:49 epic 18x sport  
29 Steven Bannow 3:11:11 Epic V12  
30 Tom Friedrichs 3:13:31 Current Designs Extreme  
31 Paul Redzimski 3:15:10 NDK Explorer  
32 Gary Kingham 3:16:43    
33 Tim Philosophos 3:28:50 Epic V10 sport  
34 Sixto Linares 3:38:24 0c1.canada  
35 Steve Shay 3:40:21 QCC700  
36 Wendell Martin 3:45:50 Surfrigger  
37 Dan Jaeger 3:48:25 Current Designs Solstice GTS  
38 Kenneth Schenatzki 4:22:07 perception sea kayak

Dawid Mocke



Next Up – Nelo Summer Challenge

The Rice v Mocke ding-dong carries on next week when the two men, along with Barry Lewin travel to Porto in Portugal for the Nelo Summer Challenge.  This event comprises a 10km downwind race on Saturday and a knock-out surf lifesaving style event on Sunday.

There will be a few more paddlers at this race…  some 757 signed up on the Facebook page so far!  See:

Event information

  • Venue: Chicago, USA
    Date: 20 Aug 2011
  • Organiser: Tim and Kristin Flentye
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published in USA

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