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Tuesday, 09 June 2009 03:47

Bullet Scuppers

I made a comment in my recent review of the Fenn Elite Double and the Apex Double skis that the balers on both were not at all effective.  Here's how to solve the problem - with the aid of a set of Red7 Bullet Scuppers.

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[Editor:  Fred Schiess from Santa Barbara, CA, wrote to us about an innovative modification to the rudder pedals in his ski.]

Thank you for allowing me to describe and illustrate to you what it is I've achieved and believe to be a great improvement for a more powerful stroke and better overall transfer of power to a surfski...


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Thursday, 14 August 2008 23:48

Overstern Rudder

I've noticed a fair amount of chat about overstern rudders lately. There's the Avon Descent discussion where many skis are taken down this river. There was also the replacement overstern rudder for the Epic V10.


Overstern rudder
Martin Gunda's carbon overstern rudder


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Tuesday, 12 September 2006 19:04

Winglets for the V10

Image[Editor: Dale Lippstreu is a paddler and craftsman of note. In this article he describes how he's improved the V10 rudder by adding winglets to improve performance, particularly in downwind conditions]

Downwind paddling in big conditions is for me what might be politely called a "development area".  This is not an unimportant skill in Cape Town which is renowned for its gale force South Easters and paddles such the Millers Run and Downwind Dash.  My problem is that I find myself broaching off runs on a regular basis and, while some skis are clearly better than others, I have yet to find one that eliminates the problem entirely. 


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Saturday, 18 February 2006 17:03

Point 5 Micro - Kids Surf Ski

The .5 Micro
2006 will see at least five new surf skis on the market in South Africa (a single and a double from Fenn Kayaks; a double from Custom Kayaks and two new singles from Epic). But all of these, and indeed all the existing models, are designed for adults. In K1, there are various "guppy" kayaks - where are the surf skis for kids?

Answer: there aren't any. [It's been pointed out to me that Stealth Performance Products in Durban, South Africa sell a kid's ski called a "Stealth Junya". To see their product range, click here.]

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If you've ever wondered whether you really need to be exactly in synch with your doubles partner - read on.  Turns out that the answer is an emphatic YES - but there's more...

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 04:51


[Editor: Dale Lippstreu is well known for tinkering with his skis - and many of his creations (rudders, rudder winglets, cockpit bulkheads, etc) have featured on surfski.info.  Now he's made what is arguably the most extreme modification yet - to make his V10 Elite into an Ultra, Ultra Elite...]

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[Editor: Paddlers around the world build custom rudders of all shapes and sizes.  But Johan van Blerk has taken rudder innovation to a new level – by altering the angle of his ski’s rudder shaft to give it “positive caster”.   Will all skis be built this way in future?]

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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 14:37

"Splashski" Cockpit Hood

Tried a 'Splashy' when canoeing? Sure you have. Now for a SplashSki, for surf-skis!

Splashski Hood

Splashski Hood

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I thought this might be interesting to those lucky enough to use their surfskis in their natural environment... namely the ocean.  There is an increasing use of surfskis in locations literally hundreds of miles from the nearest tide.


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