K1 paddler new to surfskis

5 years 7 months ago #23566 by cunningt
What is peoples opinion on ability to move from an being an average k1 paddler (stability 4/5) to paddling surfskis?

I have the option to buy a Fenn Elite but not sure if it will be too tippy and I will never keep it upright. Or will my existing K1 ability enable me to leap frog the beginner skis without too many tears ?

I will be learning in confines of harbour and river.


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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #23569 by AR_convert
What sort of K1 (s) are you currently paddling?

Not sure if your 4 rating is at the tippy end or stable end?

If at the stable end then you'd probably be okay in an intermediate type ski in your chosen conditions of harbour/river. Examples being
Epic V10 sport
Think Evo II
Carbonology Zest
Fenn Swordfish

If however your 4 is towards the tippy end then yes, you could jump in pretty much any ski and be okay. A Fenn Elite would feel pretty stable for someone who can paddle an intermediate to advanced K1.

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Always looking for the next boat :)

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5 years 7 months ago #23572 by sAsLEX
Replied by sAsLEX on topic K1 paddler new to surfskis
I have a Kirton Typhoon High Volume

And a Fenn Swordfish, which is an intermediate ski.

I took up the K1 whilst in the UK studying for a year and used it on the Thames and canals so nothing too rough, and went for a swim a couple of times in the canal (not that great an experience in December!). I was happy with the odd boat wake and general river movement on the Thames and could concentrate on paddle technique rather than stability.

On the Swordfish I mainly paddle in the ocean and in the 6 months since returning to NZ have yet to take a swim and I routinely take that out in decent chop and strong wind.

It was a steeper learning curve on the K1 than the Swordfish, and initially the concentration and focus in the K1 was on stability. In flat I think an elite/advanced boat would be fine.

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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #23578 by portmanm
Replied by portmanm on topic K1 paddler new to surfskis
My recommendation is split the difference, get something mid-range you can paddle in all Ocean conditions, save the SWordy for really BIG days.

Mid range options:

- Vadja 46
- Epic V10
- Fenn S
- Think Ion
- Stellar SES (new model, low volume for the small paddler)
- Fenn Spark (again for a smaller paddler)
- Epic 10L (new model, low volume)

You might get frustrated going too elite too early as you may only be able to paddle in the oceean in smaller conditions only.

get you butt in as many skis as possible for as long as possible in as many conditions as possible.

Good luck, I took a too bigger jump & suffered for 12+ months until settling on new Epic V10 elite layup and can paddle that confidently in conditions up to 4m and 30 knot downwinds.

- 90kg, 183cm, paddling 90+% in ocean conditions for 5 years. Prefer downwind.
- Epic V12 1G, V10 1G/2G, V10 Sport, V8 & V8 Pro
- Stellar SEI 1G/2G, SES 1G/2G, SEL 2G, SR 2G & S2E
- Vadja Hawx 43/46/52
- Think Evo II 2G, Ion 1G
- Fenn Elite S, Swordfish S
- Nelo 560M

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