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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #26365 by kobicohen33
Six months ago I purchased Surfski kayak: Epic V-10 Sport GT (Carbon).
The main consideration was the weight of the kayak, about 9 kilograms (6.10 meters long).
At the same time of purchase, I also bought a special cover from the importer, tailored to match this model.

Two weeks ago, I found a crack in the side of the cockpit. Further examination, additional cracks were discovered, at the location of connection between the mold A to B (patters parts).
Now my Surfski amendment by the carbon expert as recommended by the importer.
This expert claims that the cracks are due to impact hits (injury) and widened the burden of paddling sea waves.
I would like to warn and alert before buying a Carbon Surfski kayak such GT or similar:
If you are not a Professional Surfski Champion, who are competing under very special conditions, you do not need a carbon Kayak as GT.
Professional competitors have Special conditions and have a sponsor that can
Buy a number of kayaks.
Surfski champions do not practice on beach waves, they are stored in ideal conditions
And lead with on special carts.

Before buying an expensive kayak as the GT, thought and examined whether this kayak suitable to the nature of your paddling and other terms such as storage and transportation.
If you decide to acquire such Surfski, store it in a covered, protected and shaded. Do not lead him on the car roof, or avoid it as much as possible.
Stay away from beach waves, Stay away the water line or rocks.
If there is any water inside, you should emptied every drop and open the cap to prevent condensation.
Look for cracks in the body of the kayak, any cracks must be sealed with insulating tape until repaired by an expert.

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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #26366 by photofr
To be fair, here are a few recommendations:
Surfskis aren't really meant for surf breaks: they are meant for big ocean swells, and that's very different from the surf. If you want to use your surfski to surf waves, I recommend a surf layup, or at least a Lifesaving version.

Storing: I highly recommend people to store your ski without a cover, in a shaded area, away from the sun if possible.

Travelling: I know you guys think that travelling with your cover will protect your ski, but it does the exact opposite (most of the time). The constant rubbing of your cover on the ski damages it. The fact that your ski is in a cover means you usually have to overtighten your straps.

Use a lot of padding when transporting your ski, and avoid driving too fast. You should at least consider attaching the front end of your ski in a V pattern, so as to prevent stress on the roof rack.

(Brittany, France)
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