Knysna viper-opinions please

4 weeks 1 day ago#30225by davestephans
Hello, first time poster here.
Recently I got my first ski, a knysna viper and am curious to see what other peoples opinions of the ski are. Information on the net about it is very sparse and the only mention of it is on this forum is from a self confessed inexperienced paddler.
So far I am really liking it. To my inexperienced eye It looks to have a lot of front rocker so is very easy to turn in choppy water but not as fast on the flat as its length would suggest.
Its fairly tippy but I can paddle a k1 so that's not a problem. I can also remount it so that aspect is good too.
I would like to hear other peoples views on it and especially how you think it compares to other skis. I got it for a great price so if you think its rubbish, please say. I won't be offended.

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3 weeks 4 days ago#30232by LakeMan
Looks like you ha a a rare ski. The nose is very similar to my Think Uno Max which I think (no pun intended) is a good thing. Hopefully someone here has some experience with your ski. If not, since you like it, do a detailed review that can help others. Thanks

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