Masters of Surfski training

7 months 2 weeks ago #34388 by Wingnut
I just purchased Dawid and Jasper Mocke's online training for surfski.  As a beginner with one year of experience and no formal training I would say it's excellent.  Professionally produced and well thought out.  It gives me some hope I might improve.  Formerly, I've paddled sea kayaks and felt competent with a good average pace, good roll, and all that.  Surfski is different and I've been in need of coaching like this.
I would imagine anyone needing a little help getting started will find the training beneficial.

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7 months 2 weeks ago #34390 by SpaceSputnik

Current: Think Evo II, Stellar SES 1g.
Past: Epic V7

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7 months 1 week ago #34449 by Wingnut
Replied by Wingnut on topic Masters of Surfski training
I thought I would give an update on my progress after having watched all of the videos in the first series, Masters of Surf Ski.  Many of the videos I‘ve watched numerous times as they are in nice bite-size chunks.  I’ve made some real progress just from watching the videos and practicing what I’ve learned.  One thing that has plagued me from the beginning was I never felt that my paddle had that locked-in feeling at the catch.  It always felt mushy which affected my feeling of stability.  Today, my paddle feels much more locked-in at the catch as I’ve been practicing some of the drills I’ve learned in the video.  It’s easier for me to visualize pulling the kayak forward vs the paddle slipping in the water.  My top speeds are also better by about 1 MPH.  I’ve yet to check to see if my average speed over my normal paddling course is better but I believe it will be. 

I know that I’ve also been getting the paddle out too late at the end of my stroke and could often hear cavitation and feel some instability when the paddle was behind my hip in waves.  Another one of the drills has given me some insight in how to change this and, at least when I am doing the drill, my paddle is coming out sooner and no longer feels like I’m dragging it.  At this point my paddle stroke only feels “right” when I am doing the drill.  When, I go back to “normal” paddling the blade again comes out late.  But, I’m hopeful that with enough practice I will have a “normal” paddle stroke that feels right.  I think the video series is the next best thing to having a coach or training partner.  I hope others are getting as much benefit out of the series as I am.

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7 months 1 week ago #34450 by tve
Replied by tve on topic Masters of Surfski training
I bought both "courses" but have only watched the downwind pro. It's outstanding and truly reflects all the challenges I've encountered and how to overcome them. The video sequences are excellent for the most part. For some things, I wish they were longer and for some things there is no video (for example they talk about tipping the ski to the outside for a turn but don't show that). There's one sequence for the "nose in the hole" rule that I just had to play 10 times over and show to everyone around me. It's the best video I have seen to describe what makes downwind surfing so challenging and exhilarating:

Did I learn something new... I don't really think so, but then, I've read everything there is to read and I have plenty of people that are way better than me around and that have answered all my questions. My problem is actually doing it :-). But I did get confirmations, visuals on how it looks like, new thought impulses, etc. The footage is also gorgeous.

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