Brasca VIII

7 months 5 days ago #34518 by mickeyA
Brasca VIII was created by mickeyA
Anybody use this paddle?  It was my first wing, bought used from a guy in Canada ~10 yrs ago, knowing nothing about it.  I've since accumulated Brasca III and IV, Jantex Gamma Rio small mid, Lettman, Think power wing, and Epic mid wing, so it kind of went to back of the line.  I am now using the VIII (eight, 8, ocho: never see it at races, nor hear about it here).  Surprisingly, it appears to be my fastest, most comfortable, and quietest paddle.  The blades are so long that it needs to be at least ~212cm overall to avoid holding onto blade necks.  At 212, my pinkies touch the blade necks.  Since this is as long, or longer, than I would ideally like for distance, I put a fixed shaft in it as I will never want it longer and cannot have it shorter.  Also surprisingly, for its easy feel and skinny blades, it has the highest surface area of any of my blades at 767 cm2.  If I set the Jantex or IV to 212 over 2+ hours, I am worn out, while I am fine w/ the larger bladed VIII.  Perhaps it suits my paddling style of low elbows and fairly low hands (top hand usually crosses just below eye level on long trips).  On long slogs, especially when tired, my stroke can become a flatter, sweeping stroke.  Is the long, skinny blade meant to be a good match for flatter stroke??  Anyway, any thoughts out there on the (rare) Brasca VIII?  Thanks.  

Epic V12, V10Sport, Fenn Tarpon S, Swordfish S, Stellar SE, Fenn XT, Twogood Chalupski, Findeisen Stinger spec, Huki S1-X, Burton wedge2, Fenn Tarpon

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7 months 4 days ago #34527 by ggc
Replied by ggc on topic Brasca VIII
Never paddled one, but it's looks a lot like the Lettmann Warp.

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