DIY Footstraps - Dual Footwell

4 months 3 days ago - 4 months 3 days ago #35280 by Crab Stick
While I was busy trying to tidy up a few things on the Ski I decided to try my hand at making my own Footstraps. I thought I might share the results for the benefit of anyone else in future that may have a notion to do the same. These are heavy duty Velcro, fully adjustable, rubber cushioned top and bottom ( over arch of foot for comfort ) with a fully reinforced core made of 2200kg break resistant webbing. They are a little stiff right now but will break in immediately.

Images attached for inquiring minds ... Cheers


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4 months 2 days ago - 4 months 2 days ago #35286 by SpaceSputnik
I have done something much simpler for my Evo: 

It's two velcroed pieces, one attached to each side of the boat and hooking on top of one another. Made from straps that Ikea used to package a mattress into a roll.
It's not padded and I wish it was more rigid so I can put my Gramin eTrex on it, but on the plus side I can make it pretty snug and it conforms to my feet without causing any discomfort.
Since posting the above thread, I removed the orange loops as it was causing too much sag. 
Replaced the original strap on my GPS watch with two vecroed pieces. That keeps it tight against the strap and causes no sag. Sadly the eTrex had to go on my pfd, too bulky and it would be annoying in the even of a remount.

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