Loss of surfskinews.com?

1 year 2 months ago #35668 by MCImes
I recently tried to visit surfskinews.com but it appears the site owner did not renew their domain. Is it dead? Hopefully its revived. It didnt have a lot of posts recently, but had a good news archive from a few years ago and a consistent classifieds section. Im sure it was a labor of love, but sad to see another paddling site die. Rob, if you can integrate any of their news sories from the archive.org link, that would be cool. 

Anyone know if its truly dead?

Long live SS.info! Keep up the good work rob. 

web.archive. org/web/20181202235531/http:// www.surfskinews . com/ 
(sorry, you'll have to take out the spaces at .org and .com because the filter labels this post spam if its linked)

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1 year 1 month ago #35677 by mickeyA
Replied by mickeyA on topic Loss of surfskinews.com?
i looked at it a day or two before your post and it was up, so i looked for it when you posted and did not see it.  but, today i do see it, so i guess they had a short term glitch.  that's good that it is still there.  they are very nice people that run it, and yes, i am sure it is a labor of love.  the articles are stale, though the latest classified post is from Nov 4, 2019 (fairly recent).  i think they were looking for folks like us to post their own stories.  i do not think they intended on providing all of the content themselves, which i assume is why articles are old.

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