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At 67 i paddle to keep the blood pumping through the veins plus the shear pleasure of being out on the water . living in bris/ aus makes it even better. Heavy kayaks and very early mornings ,getting older and What FISH!  if you have,nt hooked up by 7am its time to go home , sound familiar ? Get a surfski faster ,lighter and easier to transport made perfect sense to me .My friends said i was mad - i probably am so i did. I sold my SA made stealth kayak and after much research ordered a Fenn Bluefin this suited what ability i had which amounts to squat when it comes to surfskis but this is the most positive decision iv'e ever made. Over the last 12 months i.m getting there have had all the usual mishaps and moments but am making progress . All those early morning launches on the stealth kayak have helped a lot .Usually i'd make it out through the break but be sideways or swimming on the return as you do , all part of the journey of surfski.! As a first ski the Bluefin is a fantastic ski and at 14.5 kg theres no struggling to put on the 4wd . I' m kicking myself that i didnt hook into this sport many years ago !!! its great. I'll be training on a swiss ball for the next few weeks as more skin cancers will be removed from this sunkissed body { comes with living in oz } so no watertime. Cover up & get that sunscreen on !!! 

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2 months 1 week ago #35806 by waverider
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Also coming from a fishing background I dont  miss the "need" to launch at dawn after all the farting around setting your gear up and trundling it down to the water and again  all in reverse at the end. Instead just hopping out of the car unstrapping the ski slinging it on your shoulder strolling to the water soft sand no issue and you're off. Same in reverse and more conducive to whatever time of day suits you.

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