Carbonology Vault / Swordfish S / V10 3g

6 days 13 hours ago #36023 by JohnK
i don't see many Vaults on the water and was wondering how they compare to the SFS and V10 3G. They appear to be well finished in the photos. Any feedback would be wecome.

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6 days 4 hours ago #36025 by downwinda
I have a Vault and used to own a Swordfish (not the S version).

The Vault is definitely way faster than the Swordfish in flat water, surfs just as well.  The hybrid version I have is very well built and super light.  None of the Fenn Hybrids I've picked up are as light as my Vault!

As a large paddler 91kg I'm a good  bit over the suggested weight limit, so when the bumps get big the cockpit tends to swamp. It is very good for me in small bumps because it's so fast it just climbs up and over. 

I liked the Carbonology quality so much that I ended up getting a Zest which I love and now have my Vault up for sale.

As for the V10 gen 3 I have no idea, I've never been on one.

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