Gen1 V10sport repair in Brisbane, AU.

3 weeks 2 days ago #36242 by Dingo
Hey everyone! 
I bought my first ever ski a few months ago and am loving it. It was cheap and needs a few repairs. 

So so firstly can anyone recommend a good repairer in bris/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast region?

if not I’m comfortable with resins and confident I can repair it so I have 4 issues: 

1. This one is easy the rudder cap has disintegrated, I bought a new one and stuck it on with sikaflex 291 and it worked then the plastic cap fell out. So what have other people or the factory use to successfully glue the rudder cap on?

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3 weeks 1 day ago #36249 by Dingo
2. and im hoping Ranga can help with this -  there is a long crack on the bottom of the black stripe(not in the middle at the join), part of it looks like its cracked through the glass.  the crack is above a previous repair, so Im assuming it made this area weaker.

3 & 4. gelcoat cracks (i think?) one is on the right side up near the nose and looks inline with one of the braces inside.
the other is on the top of the seat, maybe where it was strapped to tight?

I know its old and might not be worth repairing to some but its what I could afford and im loving a new sport!
Any help or advice would be great, thanks!

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3 weeks 21 hours ago #36251 by Ranga
Most of your issues seem to be due to old bad repairs. 
There is also no such thing as "just gelcoat cracks". Gelcoat does NOT crack by itself, the sub-straight (underlying layers) has to be deformed to crack the gelcoat, or something in the sub-straight is making it crack. 
If the cracks are not structural you should be ok as long as the ski does not leak, this ski is epoxy and is not effected by water unlike non epoxy skis where the laminate is damaged by water.
Pictures are generally quite hard to see exactly whats going on.
However a tip for repairs, ONLY repair with Epoxy resin as no other resin will bond to it.
To make sure the repair is not structural, especially at the seat, put on trestles at either end and push down on the ski and see if there is movement in the cracks or if it flexes too much, Epic skis are very strong in the seat area and should not flex much, even with a lot of load.
As for a repairer in Brisbane, sorry I do not know of any. In fact a friend has asked me to come over and repair his ski for him! You do however have ski manufacturers in the Brisbane area, they should be able to help you out. Dolphin and Hayden are made in Queensland.

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3 weeks 18 hours ago #36254 by Dingo
Thanks for getting back to me Ranga.

I thought gelcoat and flowcoat were polyester based? do you colour match using paint instead?

I put the ski on the trestles and pushed on the seat and hump, the seat cracks did not move so I am satisfied they are not structural. However when i push from the bottom up at the rear of the seat on the left side I get a tiny 'creak', should I be worried about this?

The side crack under the black stripe does look bad (structural) and I called the gold coast epic rep and organised to take the ski for him to quote on fixing as I don't want to mess it up and then have to take to him anyway. Cheers.

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3 weeks 18 hours ago #36256 by Scott S
I can recommend Jonathan Brett at Bardon 0400 601 072
or Morgan Vine +61 432 779 700 at Woongoolba.
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