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What skis are better for larger paddlers? (245 lbs +) 
What paddling clothing is sized as a true XXL, and not Euro XXL, which is more like a Medium or Large for North Americans.

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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #36979 by MCImes
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Edit - The Stellar SR Gen1 has a massive bucket that should fit almost any butt. Doesnt surf waves worth a damn, but the bucket will fit larger people for sure.

Cant help with your question, but you know Americans are getting fat when I'm down to a Men's Medium in most clothing. Im 6'1, 185lbs, which puts me above average height and weight.

I just tried on a Large polo work shirt yesterday and it was huuuuge. A medium is still not close to tight, but not a mumu. I have the problem that the belly is huge, the length is short, and the shoulders are tight. Are there really that many overweight people that they have skewed the sizes that much? apparently.

Then I went to Europe for 3 weeks for a trade show and vacation last year (loved every second of it by the way!). I ordered size Euro Large polos for the show and it looked like a muscle shirt. I barely fit in it! I ended up wearing a nicely fitting Euro XL. Long in the torso, fit through the waist and chest. Nice.

I always paddle in a blaze orange long sleeve shirt from Champion or similar. Are you asking specifically about brands like Vaikobi or the like?

Currently paddling a Kai Wa'a Vega Flex in Southern California's ocean waters
Past Boats: Epic V10g1, Stellar SRg1, Fenn XTg1, Swordfish S
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1 year 6 months ago #36980 by BigFish
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Epic and Stellar tend to have wider, flatter more roomy seats, more volume and larger cockpit areas. My 260lb friend enjoyed a Stellar SR and SEI and and Epic V8, V10 Sport and V10.

Carbonology and Fenn tend to be snugger fits, Think are sort of in-between.

Current - Fenn Elite S, Think UnoMax, Fenn Swordfish, Epic V10 Double
Past - Fenn Elite Glide, Think Ion, DD3 Albatross, Red7 Surf 60, Epic V10 2G

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1 year 6 months ago #36981 by Paddlehead
Replied by Paddlehead on topic Larger Paddler support
My mate Big Al paddles a gen 3 V10. The fit is fine. Epic buckets are shallow, so fit usually isn't a problem. The Kayak Centre Zeplin is the best boat for the larger boned gentleman ever built, however they are impossible to find. The big fella reckons if he paddles a Fenn he needs for each butt cheek.
He has also paddled  Stellars with no problem. Older versions tended to have bigger seats. The gen 1 SEL was a very underrated ski. Nice mix of stability and speed.
Can't help with the clothing. Water is relatively warm, even in winter, so tend to wear a rash vest year round.

Current: NK Storm 61, Kayak Centre Zeplin.

Past: Epic gen3 V10, Fenn Elite carbon, Fenn Elite Vac glass, Fenn Elite SL, Gen 1 Stellar SEL ultra, Epic V10 gen 2, Carbonology Vault, Fenn Swordfish, Red7 pro 70, Think Legend, Red7 60, Fenn Xt.

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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #36984 by BrettD
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I have had a few skis and definitely am a larger paddler around 110kg although 1 was about 125 when I started paddling 4 years ago. Have fitted comfortably in Epic v8, v8 pro and second gen v10 sport, fitted fine in a Zeplin but found the  hump high. First gen think Ace is fairly snug but ok. Fenn bluefin S is great and swordfish S is tighter but ok. 

If I could only have one ski it would be my carbon Bluefin S. It’s light, easy to handle on and off the water and I am comfortable paddling it in all conditions. It catches waves easily and while no doubt there are many faster flat water skis the bluefin allows me to paddle in any conditions and keep applying power rather than bracing. I find it reminds me of my zeplin but I  prefer the bluefin. A more skilled paddler may find the bluefin pedestrian but  if you are a larger paddler looking for an all round ski then I Would highly recommend it. 

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