Adding a classified section

1 week 2 days ago #39246 by sarzelopez
This is without a doubt the best site for everything ski related. 

Would there be a way to have a classified section? I know there is a never used thread but it seeems a dedicated section would be better. 

It just crossed my mind now that surfskinews went down. I used that page exclusively for the classifieds. 

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1 week 1 day ago #39249 by robin.mousley
I'm debating the future of right now.  Up until now, the sport has been so small and niche that it's been a labour of love and has cost me to run it.
But clearly, surfski is expanding all over the world and there may be some way for me to pay for it and even make some pocket money out of it, which would be nice after a 17 year (so far) project!
Ok.  I'll see what I can do - there are classifieds modules that I could add.  Debating whether to move the whole thing to something like Wix as a platform too.  Hmm...  Watch this space!
Thanks for the feedback!


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