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4 months 1 week ago #39395 by MarineO6
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Got a G2 Nelo 550 on the way, the biggest conditions I’ll generally be using it in are 2-3 foot wind swells but there is usually quite a bit of confusion in the water as well. I have a 1 mile paddle on relatively flat water until I hit the bigger water. I’m an low-ish intermediate paddler.
Trying to get an idea what rudder will give me decent speed on the approach while giving me control in the chop and the ability to catch and link the swell which is always shifting. 
Currently on a G1 520 with a 10” HC DK rudder which seems to be pretty fast for it’s length compared to the stock 7” Nelo rudder but I haven’t swapped back and forth to really quantify the differences. 
I know a lot of 550 drivers out there have probably done a lot of rudder comparisons so was hoping to capitalize on your experiences.
Any advice/comments appreciated!


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4 months 5 days ago #39410 by zachhandler
Replied by zachhandler on topic Nelo 550 Rudder
I have a g2 550. It’s a good ski. I like the stock rudder just fine, but i haven’t actually tried any others. If your goal is paddling in the waves then get a rudder that you enjoy paddling in the waves. Maybe that is a big DK rudder.  But forget about speed on the 1 mile flat approach. Dragging a big rudder as opposed to a small rudder will only cost you maybe 2 seconds. Round trip. Thats just a guess. But to put it in perspective,  according to greg barton , switching from a v8 to a K1 sprint kayak only gains 23 seconds per mile at marathon speed. Just get what you want to surf with and then forget about it. Only reason to get a smaller “faster” rudder in my opinion is if you plan to paddle lots of flat water that is full of sea weed. Sea weed on your rudder can cost a lot more than 23 seconds per mile. 

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4 months 5 days ago #39414 by MarineO6
Replied by MarineO6 on topic Nelo 550 Rudder
Thanks Zach,
In other words run what you brung and don’t worry about it unless there are extenuating circumstances like a lot of weeds or super shallow water.
Switched back to the stock 7” Nelo rudder on the G1 520 which has the same HC width as the 10” DK and also pretty much the same sweep and really couldn’t tell any difference in speed or stability…maybe a bit more twitchiness with the stocker but not significantly so.
The way I understand it the G2 Nelos have a concavity that evidently aids somewhat in steering so maybe a longer rudder isn’t as big a help on the G2 550 as it might be on other skis…maybe even overkill?
Will try both rudders once the 550 is in hand next week and see how it goes.

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