Advice for a newbie to this excellent sport

10 years 3 months ago - 10 years 3 months ago #4622 by JPFITNESS1
Hi All Members,
I need your feedback based on your experience.
I am an athletic 39 year old living in North Sydney (just moved here), and I believe that I am about to embark on the exciting sport of ocean paddling.
In my research so far .... I have nearly purchased 10+ boats, but have stopped short every time. I have nearly purchased Dolphin surf ski's, Ozflytes, Bennets, Fenn's,EPICS, Finns'...and just about every make and model.
After all this research....I have decided that i am not going to be tackling a shore break wave, or joining a SLSC and competing...which has wiped out a lot of i am more interested in an ocean wave and the fitness side on calmer waters.
In saying that...I have just tried my first boat...the Fenn XT (for 1 hour)...which seems to come highly recommended (and was a nice paddle)....I found it a little uneasy for the first 5 - 10 mins...but I soon got the hang of it (did not capsize!!)...the pro at the shop recommended because of this ease that the EPIC V10 sport may be a better I would be looking to get out of the Fenn XT pretty quickly (3 Months).....
CAN anyone offer some advice?

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10 years 3 months ago #4623 by robin.mousley
Welcome THE most awesome sport on the planet!!!

Just a comment - if Aus is anything like SA, there's a healthy market for used skis.

The point is, if you do decide that the XT is too easy for you after a couple of months, the cost implication is not likely to be great. But I guess you could bounce this off your pro (who'd likely re-sell your used ski).

I'm a big advocate of starting on an easy ski - seen too many people never get past the tippy stage and battle from the word go... Much better to be having fun and looking forward to a faster ski than getting the faster ski upfront and ending up hating the sport because you keep falling off.

my 2c! Anyone else?


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10 years 3 months ago #4624 by deanjordaan
I'm with Rob. Start with a stable boat, enjoy being stable, enjoy conditions that you otherwise wouldn't (e.g. downwind), focus on your technique. Then when you're ready trade up - it will be longer than 3 months... B)


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10 years 3 months ago #4625 by AR_convert
JP I had the V10 Sport for about 12 months (my first "fast" boat) after a plastic ski and loved it.

I raced the Sport in an advneture race ocean leg and was passing guys on very expensive kevlar/Carbon ski's so it's not slow, especially in sloppy conditions where less skilled paddlers cant put the power down due to concentrating on staying upright.

I got to paddle an XT while I had the sport and found it to be pretty much the same stability/speed wise, but I liked the fit of the sport better for my hips/legs. From what I've seen /researched the Sport, XT and Think Evo would all be good boats to get you started. After that the jump up can be challenging, I am now in a V10L and it really challenges me in any chop above 2 ft.

Best wishes with your purchase and look forward to seeing how you progress.

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Always looking for the next boat :)

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10 years 3 months ago #4626 by JPFITNESS1
Just a thank you for all your advice guys. This has made the decision an easy one. I am looking forward to getting into this sport, and chatting with you about it as i get more experienced. I am sure you will be hearing more from me about tips! and technique!!!

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10 years 3 months ago #4635 by Stew
The guys at asked me to write a quick blog on craft selection. It might help you out. .

There is also a good podcast on there with Greg Bennett and Chad Meek which may help with paddle selection.

Enjoy yourself out there :)

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10 years 2 months ago #4691 by Paddle2Fitness
my coaching business was set up for development to intermediate paddlers. Paddlers new to the sport want the best or fastest ski but once they sit in them they spend more time in the water than in the ski. Stability is the most important thing when starting out. Yes you can buy the fastest but you will be spending 60% of your energy paddling forward and 40% of your energy just balancing. One of my clients just pruchase the V10 sport and is flying. Yes he will most likely have to up grade but better he perfect his technique and ocean skills than be frustrated and leave this great sport. All the brands are much alike. The key is comfort becasue you maybe spending alot of time paddling. I saw you said you looked at an Ozflye. Have another look at the R21 ocean racer. Sydney Harbour Kayaks has one. If you go for a paddle i would like to know what you think. Happy paddling.

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