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2 weeks 6 days ago #37941 by Epicpaddler
Replied by Epicpaddler on topic Video thread
Very relaxing to watch. I'd love to paddle in water that blue someday.

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3 days 12 hours ago #38003 by thebigadski
Replied by thebigadski on topic Vega Flex
Thought I'd share my recent VEGA Flex DW on The Cut Run - 1st downwinder on a ski, in over 7 yrs and the Flex was soooo good! 

(my ski fitness not sooo good!!)

Tip - watch on a big screen TV in 4K!

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14 hours 25 minutes ago #38023 by tve
We've been having a miserable winter surfskiing season so far in Santa Barbara but yesterday everything finally lined up and I managed my first sub-6-minute mile :-) at 10.4mph avg (16.7km/h), and that almost to the day on my 3-year surfskiing anniversary :-)
It's amazing how fine the line is between conditions where I just scramble to try to get onto runners that are too fast and uncatchable vs. where I can hop onto waves with a few strong strokes and then zoom from wave to wave...
Anyway, short clip of 30s over 11mph

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13 hours 49 minutes ago #38024 by zachhandler
Nice work tve. That is really fast. Is that a gara freya paddle?

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13 hours 30 minutes ago #38025 by MCImes
Thorsten, that was Tuesday? Perfect conditions! I've been meaning to get up to SB for a downwinder with you. We should do a run in the next couple weekends depending on how the wind looks. Is that the V12g3 you're on?

I recently got a GoPro and wanted to see how nasty the ocean was Monday with 35kt winds. It took me the better part of 8 minutes to go 200 yards upwind and back (7 mins up, 1 minute down). Wind direction sucked though, about 315° which was no good. What a difference a day makes! Yours looks more fun :)

Until Monday, I have never seen 4 feet of a wave crumble in open water, which I saw on some 12-14 footers in this video. The go pro makes it looks smaller but this had consistent 12' swell. I've had up to 2 feet of wave break on me off shore many times, but never 1/3 of a 12'+ wave. It was nuts. Not surfable at all though. I just wanted to look the beast in the face for a few minutes. Sunday was more manageable, 8' with 20kts wind. That was a ripping good time, but didnt get any video of it. On Sunday just like you say the conditions were perfect. The wind waves were just perfect to boost you onto ground swell. I set a record for # of waves jumped on sunday. 

Currently - Swordfish S in Southern California's ocean waters
Past Boats: Epic V10 g0, Stellar SR g1, Fenn XT g1
"When you've done something right, they wont know you've done anything at all"

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10 hours 55 minutes ago #38026 by tve
Paddle is a gara odin small. I love it, might try a medium some day, but I fear my shoulders would kill me...

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10 hours 27 minutes ago - 10 hours 22 minutes ago #38027 by tve

MCImes wrote: Thorsten, that was Tuesday? Perfect conditions!

Yup, that was tuesday. Sunday was awful for me, howling and big waves but too confused and too fast. I'd try to gain speed on small waves and see a nice trough opening up right in front of me and the moment I thought I'd be zooming into it a big swell would sneak up from behind and literally suck me back, game-over...

Tuesday much smaller but much better. The video was part of a 4.4mi non-stop DW at 9.2mph (14.8km/h) average. I've never done anything even remotely close to that before. Heart rate was 170bpm average! (182 is my max)

Before the DW I went 1hr upwind until I just couldn't anymore, i.e., my speed dropped below 3mph, The speed graph is entertaining:

Around minute 10 I start heading into the wind just outside the harbor at a "good 5+mph clip" but by the time it gets to minute 60 I'm below 3mph (I'm rounding a point and gradually get more and more into the wind coming out of the W). Then the amazing DW, followed by a rest where I'm pondering about alternatives to paddling 2mi upwind to get home, and then 25 minutes back up. 10mi total, close to 2hrs, followed by shower, dinner, zombie-mode, sleep.

The course was the "Santa Barbara Coat Hanger":

NB: I was in my V10g3. Given that I was alone and the water temps have dropped to 54F I didn't want the additional risk of the V12...

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41 minutes ago - 39 minutes ago #38028 by Watto
Great work MCImes, messy there for sure. You did well paddling into 30 knots plus, anything over 25-28 is almost marking time. Couple of big bombies coming through as you turned, shame you couldn't get onto them down and across! We had a great blow yesterday and today here Perth 25 knots plus almost directly behind, today moreso but couldn't get out unfortunately. Know what you mean about getting sucked back on those big ones - persevere and give it absolute shit and you'll pull on up and over the falls!

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