Leaning slightly while paddling.?

1 year 7 months ago #36241 by Joe P
I have another "newbie" question. 
I find myself automatically leaning a few degrees to the right side when im paddling, almost as if im taking advantage of the secondary stability of my V7. I have been trying to concentrate on keeping the ski centered perfectly, and i can do that but it seems to take much more effort than just using the seconday stability a little and leaning the ski slightly to its right side. I am also right handed so maybe my brain is just wired this way, i dont know.?  Is this a problem or a bad habit to continue, or should i just not worry about it and maybe after ive had more experience it will not be an issue any more.?  
Even though i have had only 10-12 hours paddling my V7, the initial stability seems much less than the seconday stability, it being much more chalenging trying to stay perfectly ballanced. 
Im curious if any others may have done this when starting out.? 
Thanks very much. 

Epic V7

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1 year 7 months ago #36244 by LaPerouseBay
Nothing to worry about.  As you said, it will sort itself out in time. 
If you continue to paddle regularly, advances will come quickly.  Beginners enjoy rapid progress.  It get's easier and more fun, at an increasing rate.  
Remember that skis reward fluid, graceful motion - like a smooth swimmer.  
It's good that you are aware of the balance point of the boat.  
Try to sit tall and not slouch, posture is the key to breathing and power.
A spine that is properly situated on the pelvis will unleash your potential.  Anything else is an anchor.  
Balance, then power, then the speed will come.   Never, ever struggle to go faster.  
You are in the perfect boat to begin to learn how to paddle correctly.
It's a lot to learn, take your time and enjoy the ride.

downwind dilettante
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1 year 7 months ago #36250 by waverider
Most people naturally paddle asymmetrically to start with, this comes to light as you start going to tippier boats that are less forgiving. On bumpy water you probably wont be much aware of symmetry issues. Paddling dead flat water you will start to notice your blade plopping/slapping on one side and cavitating /gurgling on the other. Odds are your upper hands are at different heights at exit/set up. 

Took learning in a K1 to knock these bad habits out of me, where lack of symmetry meant a swim. 

Once you are aware of a habit it is better to train yourself out of it as the longer you do it the harder it will be to relearn. Often takes a coach to monitor you to see what you are actually doing. As what you think you are doing is often not what you are actually doing.

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1 year 7 months ago #36271 by Joe P
Thanks for the info and insights. 
Yes I'm starting to figure it out better now after a few more days of paddling. I've noticed that my feet have a lot to do with that slight leaning, I was favoring my right foot more because the pedals were off a little and I was having to push the right pedal in farther than the left to go straight. Once I centered the pedals better, and started working on using each foot equally on each stroke, I'm staying much more centered now.. 
Yay me, I'm actually starting to look like I might know what I'm doing. Slow but sure. 
Thank you. 

Epic V7

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