Anyone ever tried a Type I PFD?

10 months 1 week ago #34991 by XLV
I've been watching some Type III PFD tests on youtube and they're pretty disappointing in terms of a simulated unconscious entry into the water. Type II PFDs obviously fare a little bit better, but I'm interested in potentially trying a Type I (which there aren't actually many tests for on youtube, but the videos I have seen make it seem like they can be relied on if you're unconscious).

I know it's not going to be optimal for performance, but I'm curious if anyone here has tried a Type I or II PFD one on a ski, and how remounting works, and if it's something that's even doable. If it's mostly a comfort issue and looking like a safety nerd, I'd probably make that compromise.

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10 months 1 week ago #34996 by Fath2o
Unlikely you can remount or even move in it for that matter. Good for unconscious non swimmer in the water.

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