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Carbonology Pulse Remount

1 year 1 week ago #34627 by RedBack
I need advice...
Just wondering if anyone out there has a successful method of remounting a Carbonology Pulse in very rough and confused water?
I love the Pulse and a remount in moderate conditions isn't an issue.
The difficulty I experience is that I have short legs and consequently, a side-saddle remount into the bucket results in my legs being up in the air and unable to wrap over the side unless the ski is leaning so far it tips over. (The bucket is more than 200mm deep and the sides, vertical.)
On the few occasions I've needed to remount, I've done so over the hump, then slid back.  This works fine in moderate conditions, but as I found recently in confused water with lots of reflections and bizarrely close boat traffic, this method becomes a lot more challenging. (Think short-interval 1 metre swells from multiple directions with gusty 30 km/h winds and a sheer cliff-face in menacing proximity!)  After many attempts, I eventually succeeded, but the call was close enough to warrant a search for other options!
Cowboy remounts don't work with this ski due to the high sides and raised section aft of the bucket.
So, - if there's a remount trick I haven't yet worked out, I'd been keen to benefit from the knowledge of others... :-)
PS: This is the only ski with which I've had any difficulty.  I know it's hard to compare without identical conditions, but V14s and Gen 1 UNOs seemed like a cinch compared with the Pulse.
PPS:  Hayley Nixon are you out there?  Any tips and/or observations would be gratefully received...  ;-)

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1 year 1 week ago #34629 by robin.mousley
Hmm...  Well, I have photographic evidence that Hayley uses the "cowboy" remount, but I'll pass your message on to her directly and see if she has any advice!

This is her last Friday in Mauritius doing a remount at the beginning of the final lap of the FTL Relay race.


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1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #34630 by RedBack
Replied by RedBack on topic Carbonology Pulse Remount
Thanks Rob!
I see she's "cowboying" well forward and using her left blade as a roll-brace.  Interesting...  I'll give that a try.
In conditions that flat, the side-saddle over the hump isn't an issue either, but using the blade-brace to slow the roll moment while transferring weight isn't something I've tried.  You'd think after all these years I'd have given that a go...
Of course, I am old - and no where near as flexible as Hayley!  :-)
Thanks again...

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1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #34631 by SpaceSputnik
I would be interested in learning cowboy as well. I think it may work better in intermediate/advanced boats due to reduced stability (and potentially deeper buckets) which makes the on-boat part of side-saddle more challenging than in wide skis. It all works really nice on a V8 but on a V10L I tried I can't even side saddle property in knee deep water due to a much deeper bucket and short legs.

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