Paddle selection for a keen newcomer

3 years 1 week ago #34499 by Dicko
I'm a fan of the Maxpaddle M333. I've had mine for 7-8 years and its a simple forgiving paddle. It's a great downwind paddle, with a firm plant and good acceleration. 
More importantly it was cheap. I had to order it directly from the manufacturer in South Africa.
Even more important, is the leverlock. It has never failed. Every Epic paddle I know of has drama's with the lever lock. My paddle is simple to adjust, has always been simple to adjust. I have a couple of mates who use them and I would buy another one tomorrow when this one finally bites the dust. 

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3 years 1 week ago - 3 years 1 week ago #34502 by mrcharly
I'm a relative newcomer to this, however I've recently spent a lot of time researching and trying out various paddle types so I can make a stab at answering your question about twist and catch.
Teardrop blades with a pronounced spoon have a very strong catch (Jantex Gamma Rio is a good example). These are good for high-cadence paddlers, however there is absolutely no reason why someone who paddles with a low cadence can't use them. However, someone who has a long stroke might find that they get into difficulties with these paddles - inefficiencies when taking the paddle out, for example.  
People who have a long stroke might be better looking to the more parallel sided blades. 
Low cadence doesn't always mean long stroke; you can pull very hard, wide and have a lowish cadence (that's me). 
A pronounced twist in the blade, in my opinion (and others) 'spills' water during the stroke and makes for a blade that is less tiring during longer racing. Personally, I hated blades like this, found them hard to control and indecisive in the water. I'd rather have a smaller blade.
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