What's your favorite flatwater & downwind ski???

10 months 2 days ago #37387 by venicebum
Greetings all!!!
Wondering what people’s opinions are on THEIR favorite flat water and DW ski and why. I’m curious as everyone here has a huge range of experience, knowledge, insight, so, I thought this might spark some cool dialogue and with so many new SS’s out now, why not. 
Anyone in US has Mazu or Nordic Kayak SS? 
There are plenty of SS’s I haven’t tried so this can be limiting to what we have available.
*FW is between the V12 G3 and Stellar SES G1. V12 is more comfortable, better catch area and the Stellar seems smaller and tracks well. *DW is the Vega. Stiff, light, wants to climb up and over, is stupid crazy agile. 
Look forward to seeing other’s opinions.
Happy paddling!

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10 months 1 day ago - 10 months 1 day ago #37388 by Davidw
Fenn Spark on flattish water. I paddle on a lagoon so up to about 20 knots. It's the most comfortable ski I've paddled and it's quick.
Evo 2 on downwinds. Just so easy to use, great secondary stability. 

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