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6 years 10 months ago #22351 by Marieski
Being a paddling runner, for me paddling is a form of cross traing, ok maybe not the best cross training but certainly should do something for my core, which I need, especially for trails and off trail. I did however run into a perceived conflict: paddling requires maximum rotation for best power sourcing, whereas rotation when running is not only wasteful of energy, it sets up nasty biomechanics, in that trunk twist is translated to pelvic twist and so on down to knees etc. So I would spend a lot of on water time (most of it actually) concentrating on making sure my torso was rotated at least 30 degrees at the end of each stroke, coordinated with pushing with the appropriate leg. Meanwhile, on land, I was paying a lot of attention to minimising movement of my shoulders, everything above the pelvis except arms. When things got a bit pointy (upcoming race, onset of niggly ITB and Achilles problems) the possibility of paddling mucking up my running became enough for me to stop paddling altogether in favour of SUP, which I've been doing for a few years anyway. Okay, I suppose I should be thrown off the forum at this point.

SUP uses rotation as well, but through the whole body and far more power comes from the legs. And in chop of greater than 1ft, you are pretty much in a continuous lunge, especially in surfing position. So great cross training.

The race went ok.

So I'm in a similar upcoming race situation again. But I don't know whether, in reality, paddling really does adversely affect my running. And I really quite enjoy paddling. (Can I stay on the forum now?)

Any of you Ironman or Adventure Racing types, physios, allround athletes, or just folks with opinions have any ideas?

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6 years 10 months ago #22352 by Kayaker Greg
As far as the rotation goes for paddling, the rotation should come from the thoracic spine, the lumbar region should remain stable, so work on your core and engage the core muscles and keep your lumbar region stable and you should have no adverse effect on your running. Core training really needs work outside of paddling, paddling itself is not enough to develop a strong stable core.

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6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 10 months ago #22354 by AR_Junkie
For me its rather the opposite. I train and compete in adventure racing and last year I really started to focus on improving my paddling skills which ment taking time from the running/biking sessions. I feel that the more effort I put into hard workouts in my ski or on my ergo the stronger I feel on the bike or on the trail. For me surfski paddling really is the ultimate workout. paddling hard intervalls upwind with a relativly large blade really beats any other forms of workout.

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6 years 10 months ago #22355 by AR_convert
As per my forum nickname I came into paddling as a triathlete switching to AR.

I have had to stop AR due to chronic ITB syndrome despite spending a small fortune on treatment.

I was really bummed at the time but have taken solace in my new found paddling competitiveness (silver lining to my cloud).

I could write quite a lot on my experience but I place my ITB problems partly at paddling and partly at over training and not recognising the symptoms early and stopping before it got too bad.

Always looking for the next boat :)

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6 years 10 months ago #22356 by rhainan
I have never noticed my paddling technique intruding on my run. But, as a paddler/biker who strives to just survive the run, I am not nearly as sensitive as a truly competitive runner.

The perceived impact on your running is probably all in your head but things in your head can be pretty real if you dwell on it.

Running too much will kill you anyway. It sounds like adventure triathlon is calling your name. :evil:

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