Suggestions please for my paddle technique

4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 1 week ago #32050 by Wingnut
Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to surfski and my Epic small mid-wing paddle. This is my first look at my paddling form with my new gopro. I can see my technique is not so good but I don't really know what to focus on first. Help is appreciated :) This was taken after paddling for about 45 minutes in 90 degree heat. But, I feel it's a pretty good representation of my current form (or lack there of).!AqULdxNOB05HlFtp9yXzav4f7iHqx

Best, David

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4 months 1 week ago #32056 by PSwitzer
David it looks like you're off to a great start. You're reaching forward to get the blade in the water, you're seeking leg drive, and on the right side at least the whole blade is getting planted in the water on the majority of your strokes. Can tell that you're seeking rotational power because your face and tops of your shoulders are rotating side to side.

For improvement, I'm linking to a couple instructional videos you may find helpful by Ivan Lawler and Oscar.

For starters, check your grip position which looks pretty narrow on the video. With a reasonable paddle length (208-212 ish) your grip should be wider, putting your hands closer to the blades. This will help you with goal #2= the paddle and your torso should pull as one unit instead of pushing with top hand/pulling with bottom hand.

On the catch, visualize rotating forward with your armpit/ribs/hip, plant the blade then pull by unwinding the torso while the bottom arm stays straight, allowing the blade to sweep out away from the boat. Top hand must not "punch forward" because this forces the blade angle past vertical too quickly, robbing you of an effective anchor. Instead, visualize pressing with the top shoulder, allowing the top hand to sweep across the boat, not down towards the feet. Check out the clinic videos, the pro coaches explain stuff way better than us hacks on the forum...

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