New V10 impressions

7 years 5 months ago #16097 by peterpav
New V10 impressions was created by peterpav
I've owned a V10 Ultra for over 2 years and was really interested to see how the new model stacks up. Huge thanks to Terry from Canoeing Down Under for letting me take the demo out for an hour or so.
Firstly the looks: it is quite different from the old V10. It looks like there is less rocker in the nose, but more in the tail. The rear deck is flat and narrower in the tail. It has a sturdy grab handle and recessed shock cord loops (same type as the paddle leash between the legs). The front deck is much lower, almost as low as the sport. The cut outs for paddle entry are significant and I didn't touch the hull once with my paddle, even when doing a flat out sprint where I'll often touch my current V10. There is no grab handle on the nose which is a surprise considering how good the rear one is. (Better than Think)
The Weight: the spec sheet says its 2kg heavier than the ski it replaces, and I would suggest it is at least that. The difference is very, very noticeable. This may be a good thing as it feels extremely stiff and there was no creaking or groaning when strapping it down. It doesn't feel fragile at all, but I guess only time will tell on that one.
On the water: the big surprise is according to my GPS it's outright sprinting speed may be down a little on the old model. I'd need multiple paddles back to back to confirm this. Cruising speed may actually be a little higher though as the changes to the tail shape seem to produce less drag which makes up for the increase in overall width. With this extra width and the other hull changes, the new V10 seems to be closer to the Sport than the V12. (Was closer to the 12 before - just my opinion) it would be hard to justify getting a new Sport as this new boat is just as stable, but noticeably quicker. I wouldn't be surprised if they drop the sport all together from the lineup. Gone is the usual V10 twichiness at rest and the ability to lean the boat over until water pours in from the side is definitely an improvement in stability.
The new bailer: yes it works... Even at low speed. 8kph will see the boat empty. The little fountain it produces at speed is weird though with two little jets spraying up between your shins at anything over 10kph.
Would I upgrade my current V10?: the all important money question. The new boat is expensive, but I feel Epic is on a real winner with this boat. The Stability will no doubt make it an awesome down wind craft capable of handling some really nasty conditions, even for a mid packer like me. It's down wind speed may actually be better than the outgoing model as it seems to pick up ridiculously small runners with ease. The old V10 is still an awesome boat, but if I could afford the $2000 difference between a new model and what I could sell mine for, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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7 years 4 months ago #16457 by outriggerbev
any more impressions

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7 years 4 months ago #16465 by benneta
Replied by benneta on topic Re: New V10 impressions
But still no stubby holder?

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7 years 4 months ago #16469 by Webby
Replied by Webby on topic Re: New V10 impressions
Would love to hear any first impressions of the new v10. I have been doing my apprenticeship, and by this I mean learning in the original V8 and then moving onto the V10 Sport. I have had a fantastic time learning the art of ocean skiing in these crafts and feel I am ready for the next step up. I feel the new V10 would suit my progression due to the new design changes but would love to hear other peoples opinions.

Cheers :)

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7 years 4 months ago #16477 by nickc
Replied by nickc on topic Re: New V10 impressions
I demoed the new V10 and the swordfish this past weekend. I currently paddle a V10 sport elite. Conditions were 15-20kts with 2' wind waves. I didn't find the new v10 that much less stable than my sport and very similar to the swordfish. I had just finished a 15k race so didn't have much gas but found it got on waves much easier than my sport. For pure surf ability, the swordfish surfed the short period bay wind waves better as it didn't bury the bow as easily as the v10 and was more maneuverable. Both boats drained well. I had the drain open 1/3 or 1/2 way. I'm 6'7" (200cm) tall and 220lbs (100kg) and the boat had plenty of hip, leg and foot room with size US13 5mm booties. The swordfish had the leg length but was snug and has a smaller deeper feeling cockpit at the hips and not quite enough foot room for my size 13's with booties. I also tested out the Think Ion which had plenty of leg length room but was way too tight for my calves and hips. The Ion had a lot of secondary but not as much primary which was a little hard to get used but it was fairly stable once up to speed. I'm planning on buying a new v10 when the next shipment comes in.

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