Stellar SR excel vs SEI advantage vs SEI excel

4 years 10 months ago #26938 by PJAW
I've been paddling for about 3 months. Spent 1 month in a V8 then moved onto at V10S black tip 1G. Found that when it was rough (>20knts) I would intermittently fall out of the V10S and found it hard to put power down due to stability. Recently tried the SR 2G advantage in mild chop. Loved the boat, felt good, easy to get on runners, just a bit wide in the seat (I would have to pad it out). Then tried the SEI advantage in >20knts, 1.5 m of swell. Still felt reasonably stable, occasionally having to catch myself but was having a heap of fun. Didn't fall out. I really liked the feel of these stellar boats and want to get one. Trying to make a decision on an SR excel or an SEI (model to be decided). Never got to compare the two boats in the rough, won't be possible to have both boats out at the same time. I'm inclined to get an SEI as thought that although a little above my skill level it gives me something to grow into. Would prefer the lighter excel layup for ease of carrying the 500m (esp post paddle) and some improved performance. However, read some reviews saying that for reasons of less flex (more than weight) they are more unstable. worried that moving into the SEI excel may be above my skill level. Don't have access to try one out.

I really love the downwind runs. I don't want a ski if I can't do this with it, even if it's faster on the flat water.

Do people think the excel layup will be significantly more unstable for me as a beginner paddler? Am I best going the SR 2G first (though I fear growing out of it too soon).

I appreciate the cost differences. I'm prepared to pay the extra money for what I want.

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4 years 10 months ago #26940 by Flowmaster
Excel is way more unstable I've had a go in de SEI excel in downwind conditions and I am sure to be faster in my advantage . My advice would be SR excel this would absolutely rock downwind and with just 3 months in a ski you would have enough to grow into.


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4 years 10 months ago #26941 by RedBack
SR Excel.

I paddle an SES excel, but I regularly paddle all the Stellar Skis and the SR in Excel layup is a great Ski.

The 2G SR glides really well in flat water, but has great stability in rough stuff and (in my opinion) pulls runners as well as the SEI, - particularly if there's a short, messy chop.

It's important to have good connection with the boat, so if the seat is a little large, I'd recommend using seat pads.

Good luck with your choice.

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4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #26942 by TaffyMick
Had a first generation SR in excel that was great to learn on. Then bought a first gen SEI (again excel) to push myself a little bit further. Great boat but not quite up to speed with it stability wise in the rough stuff. That was ok as I also had an S18S in advantage layup when things got "challenging" (and also for the wife to paddle).

Then along came the 2 gen SR... Tested one out (again excel) and was astounded by its fit, comfort and speed compared to the 1 gen. Moving the seat forward and reduced volume in the bucket made a massive difference. Outcome...traded in the SEI on the new SR and sold the S18S. Basically consolidated on the SR. It is that good a boat.

However, it has come to my attention that Stellar have done the same refinements on the 2 gen SEI as they did on the SR. If that is the case, I eagerly look forward to testing one out. If it feels and handles as good as the SR, albeit with slightly less stability, this could well be my next ski.

In saying that, it will not be in excel, I will go for the advantage layup. The few extra kgs (ibs) will make it a better proposition for me.

Good luck with your deliberations.


Stellar SEI, Fenn Bluefin S, Sladecraft Comet Long Rec & Vajda K1

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4 years 10 months ago #26943 by red_pepper
I will join the chorus and recommend the SR Excel if you want a lighter boat - and it's an awesome boat in all conditions. Also, since you mentioned the SEI having a wider seat you no doubt tried out the 1G SEI; the 2nd G SEI has just arrived, and it will probably be a little less stable than the 1G (but faster). The distributed weight difference between the layups pretty much means you can cross from a lighter ski at one level to the heavier layup ski at the next level without too much change, but if you stay in the same layup you'll experience a greater difference in stability. I had a guy test out my 1G SEI in Excel and my 1st G SEL in Advantage last year, and he found he could handle both ok on flat water, so he opted to order a 2nd G SEL in Excel (the 2nd G boat was brand new to the market). Much to his chagrin, he found the SEL Excel so much more challenging he sold the boat a short time later and eventually bought my SEI.

As a side note, it's more the weight (or more correctly, the distributed mass) than the flex, although some flex can absorb a bit of wave action and aid stability. If you try one of Stellar's Multi-Sport layups, you'll find that the stability is very similar to the Excel layups, in spite of being 9 or 10 lbs. heavier and more flexible. That's because the hull is a single layer of carbon/Kevlar weave, making the outer structure of the boat fairly light, but there's a heavier keel to maintain stiffness and absorb impact, so the bulk of the mass is located close to the longitudinal roll axis of the boat. This results in a lower rotational inertia, and a more reactive hull (like the proverbial ice skater spinning and bringing her arms in close to her side; her mass is unchanged, but it's been redistributed closer to her axis of rotation).

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4 years 10 months ago #26945 by PJAW
Thanks for the advice. It would seem that most people would recommend I go with an SR in the excel layup. This is a testament to this craft.

I did get another paddle this arv on the SEI advantage in 20knts. Found myself catching even better runners than last time, though conditions were a bit smaller with less side chop, so possibly a bit easier for me to handle.

When did the new SEI model get released? I'm wondering if perhaps I should try and get my hands on one of those in advantage layup, to help maintain stability. Are there any reviews comparing the new and old versions?

Many thanks for all replies!

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4 years 10 months ago #26946 by wesley
Agree with others SR 2g is better choice for u.

Sei 2g review is due out this week. Like the SR 2g total design redo for sei 2g. It is step up from SR as we designed it to be. 20ft by 18inches with superb glide, predictable confidence building secondary stability with low rounded narrower seat. For those that have enjoyed the SR 2g and all it offers imagine the Sei 2g as the next step up. Is it the fastest intermediate ski? YUP. Significantly faster? Yup. It will certainly be worth ur efforts to to see for yourself if u can try one.

Wesley Echols
#1 in Surfski Reviews.

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4 years 10 months ago #26947 by wesley
A few dealers may have them. It always takes some time once a new model is introduced. My review on will be up tonight comparing the two. U can read my first review I wrote in 2013 on the Sei 1g as well as all my other reviews.

Wesley Echols
#1 in Surfski Reviews.

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