leaking of substance from hull

4 months 4 days ago #29465 by hartlege
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone had seen this on their skiis. I live in the UAE (extreme temperatures in summer) and have just returned from being away for 4 weeks. I'm guessing this has to be resin or something. Smells a bit like honey comb. Has anyone encountered this before? Should I be worried about my ski?


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4 months 4 days ago #29472 by LakeMan
Looks to me like something an insect made. We have wasps in my area that build tube nests but they don't look and smell like honey. Is that an air vent tube it's attached to? If so, you may have a nest inside the ski. How they got in is another issue. I'd say have someone you don't like taste it and see what they say and if they get sick.
Wish I could be better help.

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