Feedback and comparison between Think Ion 3G , EPIC V103G and Nordic Storm 57/61

3 years 5 months ago #31604 by Hulk
Hi All,

I recently paddled the new ION 3G for a decent 45min in lovely 25kn Sydney Harbour conditions. Great boat and for a first paddle very comfortable and predictable behaviour with a slight roll.

I had a brief 10min paddle in the new V10 3G a couple of weeks before that in dead flat WA Indian Ocean.
I am interested in learning more and paddling the new Nordic range.

As I'm a downwind paddler who every now and then paddles in flat conditions (mostly for training) what I seek in a ski is downwind behaviour and stability. I'm in the intermediate to advanced range and like to hear people's experiences between these skis? Has anyone compared them and can provide me their feedback of the skis listed above? I'm currently paddling the Carbonology Vault - which I find sometimes a bit unpredictable in its sudden change of primary response.



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3 years 2 months ago #32400 by Hulk
I'd like to bump this topic whether anyone has done any downwind comparison between the latest Think Ion and the 3rd Gen of the EPIC V10??

I'm very interested in both these boats!

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