Carbonology Sport Switch

3 months 1 day ago #33278 by sarzelopez

I`ve recently (last wednesday) acquired my first Ski, a Carbonology Sport Switch - Carbon Vacuum Layup.

I paddle canoes, but I`ve always been interested in Surfskis, mainly because I like kayaking for fitness, and Surfskis are kayaks on steroids. (Rec. Kayaks).

I decided to take this season off of paddling canoes and focus solely on kayak/ski. After months using a CLC Pax 20 as my dear boat, I decided to upgrade.

I`m planning on posting review of the boat when I feel I have it relatively all figured out.

If anyone on this forum has had experience paddling the Switch, I would greatly appreciate any comments/review about their thoughts on the boat.

Thanks in advance for any response. 

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