DD3 Albatross?

2 years 3 months ago #34393 by MikeUnderwood
DD3 Albatross? was created by MikeUnderwood
A really nice DD3 Albatross has come up for sale in my area. Has anyone tried this boat? How does it compare to the more modern boats? I currently paddle a gen 1 v12 but I want something with more rocker. Was looking to the Elite S but the DD3 looks to be quite similar?

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2 years 3 months ago #34418 by Heald
Replied by Heald on topic DD3 Albatross?
Hi Mike
I have just sold mine. It was a lovely boat, well put together, quite quick, and would pick up the slightest bump and run with it. I normally paddle a Stellar SEI, and found the DD3 to be a bit more tippy at 43-44 cm wide, so is in the skinny boat category. It does have some good secondary stability though. I believe that these boats are similar in handling to a V12, though not having paddled a V12, could not verify that claim. I admit to  struggling with it in rough conditions, but that was more about my ability than the boat.  Other paddlers have paddled it and liked the feel. One comment was that it was better suited for a taller person, as it does have a reasonably high seat hump. If you are over 5'10" you will be OK. 
If you have the opportunity,  take it for a spin before committing.


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1 year 3 months ago #36780 by SkiPaddler
Replied by SkiPaddler on topic DD3 Albatross?
Excellent boat, the fastest of any boat I have paddled. Very well made, the carbon construction is light and stiff.

The shape is fast into the waves, with the waves and in the flat! It surfs any small bump.

Easy to remount for an advanced ski - this would be a good flatwater boat for in intermediate paddler too.

I would say it is very similar to an Elite S or gen2 V12.

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