V10 2G vs Swordfish S

2 years 7 months ago #35707 by sski
V10 2G vs Swordfish S was created by sski
If stability is NOT an issue-what are your thoughts on speed of these 2 surfskis , in flatwater (lake or river w/ just a ripple or less) and surf (lets say moderate Gorge conditions)?
Other variables (rudders etc) optimized.
I weigh ~88 Kgs.
Epic V10, 2nd generation vs Fenn Swordfish S 1st gen/year.

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2 years 7 months ago #35712 by BigFish
Replied by BigFish on topic V10 2G vs Swordfish S
I have owned both of these skis for two years. I am 90kgs. The v10 2G is a low rocker
boat and very fast in the flat and goes well in medium to big waves but struggles
to pick up small the medium waves. The swordfish is not as fast in the flat but
picks up small to medium waves better. They are both as good as each other on
the larger waves. I find the v10 more comfortable for over 85kg and the swordfish
more comfortable for under 80kg.

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2 years 7 months ago #35718 by Wiid
Replied by Wiid on topic V10 2G vs Swordfish S
Owned both and used both for more than a year each. Swordy S is faster on all bumps. V10G2 is faster on the flat. Hated the V10 into the wind since it would slap and slam going over the waves. Slapping and slamming kills speed and momentum and makes the boat slow. The swordfish cuts through and keeps the momentum. The swordfish is/was a carbon vacuum and the epic was a red nose carbon. The Epic bucket was a lot more comfortable. Sold the epic and kept the swordfish S. I regularly enjoy kicking the behinds of the guys on the elite's and elite S since the extra stability gives you that extra power when things get wild. Fit a wave deflector to the swordfish S.

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2 years 7 months ago #35725 by Dicko
Replied by Dicko on topic V10 2G vs Swordfish S
I agree with Wiid. The swordfish will beat the v10 every time on waves. If you paddle on your own, times don't matter or you're not racing, the v10 is fine.
If you paddle in a group, the v10 will frustrate you enormously. On flat days you will be out the front. As soon as small bumps come into the equation, you just seem to work your butt off and keep getting further behind.
On the swordfish, or Fenn Elites, as soon as there is a bump you can feel it lift the boat and your speed increases. You simply can not feel the boat lift on the v10. Once the bumps get big enough, it gets up and running again, but the technique requires you to hit the bumps at speed. The Swordie will just take off on any bump. The back lifts and off you go.
The v10 is a good boat if you are a flat water paddler or funds are limited.
PS check the weight on the v10 because they were a heavy boat. My 15 kg boat weighed 17.5 kg.
PPS buy a v10 g3 because they are a great boat. It would be awesome at the gorge.

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2 years 7 months ago #35726 by MCImes
Replied by MCImes on topic V10 2G vs Swordfish S
I cannot speak to the V10 G2 specifically, but can attest that the SF-S is a wave magnet. It wants to run and will tell you its time to go. My favorite example of this is paddling into the waves in big swell with the sea wall reflecting waves coming at my back. Normally reflected waves are hard to jump on or make use of since they're against the primary swell and smaller than the primary swell. With the SF, i paddle along at medium pace and can easily feel when the reflected swell lines up right and says 'Time to Go'. I can ride the reflected swell into the waves and actually catch runs upwind.

The V10 G2 has such little rocker it would only make sense its faster on the flats, but worse in the waves. If you look at the V10 G3 compared to the SF, you will see the rocker profile is much more similar, and consequently people report the G3 is great on waves. Also makes sense. 

Dead flat water - V10 G2
Small+ waves (as in 8"+) - SF-S All Day
Mixed conditions - SF-S since its so much more fun in the waves

One caveat may be, I am 185lbs, 33.5" waist, 32" inseam. I have zero fat on my butt and hips. I barely fit the SF bucket. Im snug, and if I had any fat in the cheeks, it would not be good. Even initially it was borderline uncomfortable, but after paddling it several months now my butt seems to have conformed to the SF bucket. I only mention it because depending on how you carry your weight, the bucket could possibly rule out the SF. At minumum, I'd recommend sitting in it for a few mins.

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