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8 years 9 months ago #6011 by Colnagodreaming
Interested in other's comments on the Spirit PRS Elite. It's manufactured in Perth, is attractive, durable and reasonably stable (so I'm told).

What comments do other owners have relation to its strengths and weaknesses? I'm particularly interested in its ability to surf down wind swells.

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8 years 9 months ago #6014 by latman
Replied by latman on topic spirit prs elite
I'm not an owner but How much are they ? I looked at the spirit website and see the specifications
Moulded Weight: 21kg
Length: 5.67m
Width: 50cm
Capacity: 110kg

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8 years 9 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #6015 by Dicko
Replied by Dicko on topic spirit prs elite
They are a good beginner boat. They are strong and relatively cheap. They are not as fast as a composite boat of the same stability. The stability is similar to a v10 sport. The weight is a factor. Getting them on and off the roof of your carwill give you the #@555% after a while. As for catching waves they will not catch waves as well as a composite boat because of the weight and the speed differential. Put an elite paddler in one and they seem to perform above their weight, but the average paddler will battle to get the most out of one. If you paddle with blokes who have composite skis you will own it for 3 months before you will want a glass ski. If you want it for racing the same will apply. If you are a novice paddler or are more concerned about durability than performance then they are a good starting point.

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8 years 9 months ago #6023 by Spudnut72
Replied by Spudnut72 on topic spirit prs elite
I picked up a new Spirit PRS two weeks ago. After not paddling anything in about 14 years(I am 38yo)I have found it fairly stable and after four or five hours in the boat I am starting to get my rythym back. The boat is a pain to get on and off my car(Toyota Prado), especially in a strong wind.
The boat feels like it is perfect for me at the moment but I get the feeling that I will 'need' a lighter boat in the not too distant future. I will probably then pass this boat onto my son.
I am very happy with the finish and quality of the boat and was able to make it 'fit' me very quickly. Deepwater re-mounts are fairly easy and the boat moves nicely in the water.
The boat feels heavy when trying to paddle onto a wave but that may have more to do with lack of paddling fitness than anything.

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8 years 9 months ago #6032 by PerthPaddler
Replied by PerthPaddler on topic spirit prs elite
Hi there. I own a Spirit PRS (not sure what the elite refers to?). I got mine with the surf rudder and also added the cabling for the kick up river rudder which can be easily changed over. I have also owned the CTR and still have the Racing Spec ski version (for just in case).
I absolutely love the PRS! I have used it for the Avon 2010, and will also take that ski when going to surf the shore break in Perth. The ski is bullet proof! Mine is very scratched after a long two day slide down the driest Avon ever, but hasn't failed me. I also use it for fitness training in the river and for adventure races.
I do also own a V10 Club, so I will use the V10 in downwind paddles. For me, the weight of the PRS has not been a big issue in the water, but if you have a long walk- it can be heavy. I don't really use the PRS in big downwind as I find that I get "more than normal" water into the boat from the sides. That again may be because I am about 108kgs. I don't get this issue in the V10 as to me the bucket is deeper/ the sides higher?
Regards speed- I also don't think the PRS gives away alot of speed over the others for the average paddler, in Perth for instance with the top guys paddling in a PRS in races- they still come in up front.
As an all-round boat is is great- durable & fast. That said- if downwind ocean paddling is your thing, and you can't have both- I'd go glass.
Hope that helps.

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