Van Dusen Mohican - Is it all that?

3 years 1 month ago #25701 by rhainan
My internet sleuthing tells me that the Van Dusen Mohican is considered by many to be the fastest flat water surf ski around. Where I live surf skis are few and far between and I am not likely to find anybody who has a Mohican to let me try and see if really is all that special.

So, I ask those of you that own, have owned or have paddled a Mohican to weigh in. Does it possess an inherent advantage on flat water over the elite boats of Stellar, Epic, Think and Fenn? Is it a difficult kayak to paddle compared to other elite skis? Does the Mohican only suit a particular sort of paddler (big,small,elite,etc.)?

I know most think the whole point of a surf ski is to, well, surf, but I believe the vast majority of surfski owners are racing them primarily on flat water. In the US (and in the rest of the world, I suspect) there are far, far more river and lake races than open water ones.

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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #25702 by red_pepper
Mohicans are popular among flat-water marathon paddlers. They're rugged and among the fastest skis on the water - essentially equivalent to an ICF boat. Stability is better than some of the narrow skis and less than others. The biggest claim to fame of the Mohican is probably its reputation for flying through shallow suck water with minimal resistance. And if you order one new you can customize it a myriad of ways (over-stern or under-stern rudders, tiller steering or foot pedals, various seat options and color options). I owned the prototype Mohican for awhile, and came away impressed overall. It's not magical, and you may be as fast or faster in some of the other skis out right now, particularly if the fit and/or stability suite you better, but the boat itself is certainly among the top flat-water racing boats on the market in terms of minimal resistance.

That being said, there are some caveats. It's definitely a flat-water ski. A few top paddlers have tried it in bigger waters and found it doesn't work well in the waves. Even in shorter wind-driven waves on lakes and rivers the boat will slice through the waves and the water will dump in the cockpit. Ted Van Dusen designed it for flat-water marathon paddling, and that's where it excels. The other caveat is that it's not a boat for people with bigger feet. Although the cockpit is sealed off and has a bailer, it's still somewhat K1-like in that you sit partially inside the boat with your feet under the deck. It was rather tight for my feet, forcing my feet to sit at an angle to fit. Ted told me that if he were to redesign the boat he would add about 3/8" to the front deck height to allow some additional foot room. I was just as fast in a V12 and an SEL, but I think it was due primarily to a better cockpit fit for me and some additional secondary stability. Wesley Echols has tried practically all the skis on the market and he runs a Mohican in his flat-water races, finding it to be the fastest boat for him. He's also smaller than I am and I suspect his feet fit under the deck more easily... :)
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3 years 3 weeks ago #25706 by red_pepper
If you're interested in a Mohican, or want to travel across a state to try one out, I have a friend who's interested in selling one. It's probably the nicest looking Mohican I've seen, with a white hull and orange deck, over-stern rudder, and Bumfortable seat. Located in mid Northern Indiana, close to I-80.

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3 years 3 weeks ago #25712 by Cjc2003
Very interested and would love to get into a Mohican been looking for over a year. Please let me know how to proceed if you are indeed selling!!

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3 years 3 weeks ago #25720 by red_pepper
The boat belongs to a friend, but I sent you the info. Hope it works out!

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