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Well I put my money where my mouth is and I now own a Vega. I have done 4 downwinds so far. My overall impressions are unchanged. The ski is simply amazing downwind. It turns effortlessly and when bridging forward to the next wave it has amazing speed. It is very stable for an elite ski. The rigidity and lack of weight are noticeable when a sudden punch of acceleration is needed. It has a deep bucket, but remounting is easy and I can sit side saddle with feet in the water without problem. As far as the ineffective retractable bailer goes I removed the internal mechanical bits and glued in the included straight tube so it now functions as an effective single venturi that sucks air (very loudly) at about 6.5 mph. It drains plenty fast and I only notice the noise on flat water. I think the loudness of the venturi might have something to do with the stringerless  prepreg monocoque construction acting as a sound box. When a paddle hits the side of the boat it makes a high pitch very loud "ping" that is different than any other ski I have been in. On flat water the speed is good, but ergonomically I prefer the higher seat position of an epic or think ski. I have very stiff hamstrings and so I am sensitive to seat height. Downwind I never notice the seat being lower, maybe because the ski is (hopefully) pointing downhill most of the time. 
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1 day 1 hour ago #35228 by tve
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Can anyone compare the Vega and a V10 (gen 3) in downwind conditions?

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