Lake Lanier Advanced Surf Ski Paddlers

4 weeks 2 days ago #32874 by DDDD
I am an advanced paddler (Epic V12) and paddle 5 or 6 mornings per week in all conditions here in Australia. I am considering moving to the US to live on Lake Lanier (Alpharetta or Buford end). I was wondering if there are any surf ski paddling groups that regularly train or if there are people who would want to start a training group. Am looking for people that would want to train at sparrows fart (first thing in the morning for my US friends) at high intensity for 1 to 1.5hrs. Also keen to do weekend trips to the sea to surf the surf skis. Lastly here in Australia we dont have to use a pfd within 400m of the shore which is great as they are a pain in the heat. What is the deal on Lake Lanier, do you have to wear them or can you get by without them.

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4 weeks 2 days ago #32876 by davgdavg
I would get in touch with Wesley Echols, he is probably the most well connected paddler on the East Coast.

I believe the law for most large, public lakes in most states require you to have a PFD onboard, but you never have to actually wear it.

Anyhow, google is your friend :) I'm sure these guys are another resource:

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4 weeks 2 days ago #32877 by mickeyA
I doubt Wesley keeps up with the goings on in Georgia as he is in New England. I would ask Joe Vinson at I think he may be very near Lake Lanier. Seems like they train Olympic level paddlers there?? Or used to. Something like Lake Lanier paddle club. Either contact the paddle club or Joe.

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4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #32880 by Joseph Di Chiacchio
There is a loose association of surfski paddlers around the Lanier area. Honestly, you'd be better off joining the club and training with the team. They have a boathouse full of K1's and team boats. Most of the ski paddlers in that area do the same.
And also, no, you don't have to wear your PFD. I believe there is a Coast Guard exception for race training and if you are working with the club there is generally support boats during practice.

Check these guys out too:

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3 weeks 5 days ago #32901 by mcnye1
I cannot answer to local Lake Lanier paddling, but from a regional perspective, there are a lot of great races in the SE US. If you are willing to drive several hours, you can find good races 2-3 times per month. Just this month were races in St Simons Island and Charleston SC. If you are into longer races, there are some of those also. Last weekend was the Suwannee River Race (230, 52 or 26 miles) in North Central FL and in a couple of weeks the Chattajack 31 happens in Chattanooga. is a great source for finding races.

As for PFDs, US Coast Guard regulations require all boats to have a USCG certified PFD (for each occupant) and a noise making device (whistle). This applies to surfskis also. The PFD does not have to be worn, but it must be onboard and easy to access. There are no racing waivers or any such thing since this is a national regulation. Some states may have more stringent requirements, but not less. In Florida, this is pretty actively enforced, but I don't doubt that there are areas where it is not.

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