Sea Sick?

1 week 20 hours ago #33224 by SSW
Sea Sick? was created by SSW
Anyone else get seasick/nausea while paddling in flat/rolling swell/small side-on conditions? Been happening for a while and only on longer paddles (>15kms). Even motion sickness tablets don't seem to work. Thanks 

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6 days 22 hours ago #33227 by Wombat661
Replied by Wombat661 on topic Sea Sick?
I will start with saying many people will not believe this. Sea sick is like allergy, is psychological, or has a large psychological component.

I had trouble with the rocking motion in the beginning. I say to myself I am not going to get sea sick, and visualize myself being perfectly happy with the rolling motion. If you are insistent on you being fine, then you will be fine.

Is the same thing with allergy. I use to have runny nose from spring to late summer. I say allergen is my friend. I will breath it in. Have not had allergy in last 5 years.

Finally, the common cold and flu are psychological as well. You will get sick if you let yourself. Last time I came down with a bad cold was probably over 10 years ago.

The psychological component in health is well documented as the placebo effect. They account for that in every clinical drug trial. Happens that people keep buying medicine and ignore this powerful potential Drug companies are perfectly happy with that. You can fix any issue with medicine. But is better to let your body handle it on its own as much as it can. You will be amazed how much your body can do.

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5 days 5 hours ago #33230 by Dicko
Replied by Dicko on topic Sea Sick?
Sea sickness is an imbalance in what your eyes are seeing and what your inner ear is perceiving. My guess is you are staring at the nose of your boat in lumpy conditions. I would concentrate on the horizon, which you should be doing anyway. 

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