Leaking ski (from new)

1 year 1 month ago #34824 by Heald
Leaking ski (from new) was created by Heald
Hi all. 
After your collective wisdom and opinions. I have recently bought a new ski (quite expensive, top-end intermediate ski from a reasonably well known brand). After about the second paddle, I noticed it was taking on some water. 

Q: Is it normal for a ski to take on a bit of water (100ml?/hour) in pretty rough conditions when the footwell and bucket is frequently swamped? I had found the source of the leak, and thought I had fixed it, but still seems to take on water in rough conditions. 
How much is too much, or should this happen at all?

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1 year 1 month ago #34826 by PSwitzer
Replied by PSwitzer on topic Leaking ski (from new)
Ski's shouldn't leak period.  Older boats often do, because of damage to the hull and fittings over time.  Leaky new boat without damage should be addressed by the seller and not your problem.  Bailers/drains are notorious trouble spots as are rudder assemblies but the dealer should help you out if they are reputable. 

It sounds like you already did some kind of repair?  Which could lead to problems because then the dealer might say you should't have done any work on the boat if you expect them to fix it.  But anyway hope it goes well. 

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1 year 1 month ago #34832 by Heald
Replied by Heald on topic Leaking ski (from new)
Seller is at other end of the country, so not logistically easy to drop it back for what I initially thought might be a small problem.  
Yes leaking from:
1. Rudder post. Repair done under sellers permission and documented / photographed. (poor design and assembly). Pretty sure it isnt leaking from there now. 
2. Line guides inside cockpit. Pressurising the ski by blowing into it and covering all potential leak areas I have noticed some bubbles coming from the line guides, both from around the fitting/cockpit interface, but it also appears that the rudder line tube to fitting connecton is not sealed either. The worst one is on the left side, which is the side I remount from, therefore under water when I remount. 
The ski does not appear to leak now on flat water, which is what leads me to believe the remaining leak source is the line guides. Yesterday I did a 12km run in pretty big seas, with a couple of remounts, and the cockpit/footwell was swamped quite a few times. Thing is, I love the way the ski paddles and handles, and want to stick with this brand, but the excitement of owning a brand new ski has been ruined somewhat by these issues.

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #34833 by Fath2o
Replied by Fath2o on topic Leaking ski (from new)
Both Fenn's I bought new, many years ago,  either leaked on day one or within weeks after purchase (among other problems). No dealer support. Recommend just fix it and move on. Be real careful not to over pressurize ski. Will lead to more problems. Only use lung pressure.
And - No - it should not leak when new.
Good luck.

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1 year 1 month ago #34834 by Ranga
Replied by Ranga on topic Leaking ski (from new)
Yes, a ski should not leak but they are all hand made and things can happen. It happens with the most expensive cars worth a $100.000.00 or the cheapest ones. That is why you have a guarantee and is backed up by consumer law.

Any reputable dealer should either repair it themselves or send you somewhere to get it done at their expense. I do this all the time for dealers in my area. They did not make the ski they represent and they do not pay for the repairs, the manufacturer does.

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