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Hi Rob, while this message is for you it's also directed at the larger audience. 

Though I've been training up for The Doctor here in home town Perth,  copped a lung infection and then some about a month ago and only my first paddle back this afternoon. Few days ago when I open up WHAM BAM!!  here's this amazing coverage of events here and brilliant first-person recount of lead-up races so far.

Just want to let you know Rob that not only is the up-to-date coverage appreciated, but that the journalist in you is high order. The info you provide about in-race performances and details I know only comes from asking many people many questions,  chasing up race specifics then writing it all up in a correctly expressed and really engaging narrative.  Kudos to you and the services you perform mate. Look forward to catching up with you after the race and any beer not already waiting for you is on me. On the day I'll be at water's edge at the finish with a good camera and good telephoto lens so happy to pass whatever I shoot on to you on a USB. I shoot in RAW meaning big files, so just let me know preferred aspect ratio and jpeg file size. Attached is a photo of Dean two years ago, I was about 100-150 metres away  sitting on the rocks at the base of the groyne at City Beach. File size quite reasonable in jpeg after some post production, this image 3328x1872. This photo and a pile of others the same race you probably did today Thursday 21st   Sunset Series Race 2. Also if there's anything in particular you want a shot of just let me know. You should have my details.

Incidentally your reading of our water outstanding.

The perfect sequence (which I managed on a couple of occasions) was to veer right and accelerate onto one of the bigger waves towards the beach, immediately steer left to surge onto the next run up the coast, and then to catch a ride on the smaller waves heading diagonally out; you’d find yourself hurtling along the crest of a wave back out to sea. Exhilarating! And fast… well, it felt fast.

Absolutely spot on when it's coming SW or SSW as it does here most often, in particular that northerly sweep after a big one and often not visually obvious. 

Cheers again for the coverage, you are a feckin legend!

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11 months 3 days ago - 11 months 3 days ago #35704 by Watto
Replied by Watto on topic Coverage of The Doctor
Well done Rob, attached a few of you coming ashore. Edit here - Uploaded these however they display as rubbish. See here to download if you want them, disregard the BUY icon on the site can't delete this from  Smugmug as the site used largely as gallery to sell images. I just use as handy storage and display. I'll slowly add other pics I took on the day.

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