Think Rudder / Rudder tube dimensions

1 year 1 month ago #36822 by BustedRudder
Hi All,

Strange question but here goes.
Someone brought me a Think Ion to work on. Old I guess it has a venturi bailer. In great shape except it has obviously had work done prior around the rudder.
The rudder shaft  is quite sloppy in the rudder tube. Trying to figure out if someone replaced the tube with too large an ID or simply the wrong rudder.
If anyone happens to have a caliper and a Think rudder laying around, is the rudder shaft  5/16" (7.94mm) (.3125")?
I usually work on Epics so don't typically have thinks in the shop.

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1 year 1 month ago #36823 by waterbornewarrior
Normally the shafts are 5/16", and the tube is a tight fit.  Years ago a small number of boats were built with a larger tube.  I have shafts that fit the larger tube, and can make a rudder with them.  If you can confirm that it's the larger tube, and your customer is interested in a custom rudder, I can help. 

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