Surfskiier dies on Lake Ponchatrain near shore

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #37151 by MCImes

The news article is pretty light on details, but sounds like he tipped over, could not remount, was not wearing a PFD, and went under water for some reason.

He was paddling a V9 performance (per the pic of the recovered boat) so not like he was in an elite boat or in cold water (the lake is a toasty 86*F right now). Possibly an overly ambitions beginner? The article says he was even close to shore. Considering how close it sounds like he was, I wonder if he had a medical emergency or something...

Let this be a reminder to everyone! Practice remounts in the worst conditions you paddle in. Wear a PFD even if you dont 'need to'. If you're not a great swimmer, wear one 110% of the time (and wear one anyways even if you are!). Like the Gorge safety meeting says, if you cant remount, dont go out!

Wearing a PFD is an easy insurance policy against bad decisions or bad luck, which we are all prone to sooner or later.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #37153 by zachhandler
A horrible tragedy no matter what the circumstances and I imagine there are people on this forum who knew him. 

I would assume he did not have a leash either if it took 2 hours to find his body. 

Very sad and my condolences to those who knew him. 

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