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7 months 1 week ago #38644 by kwolfe
Epic Pro Grip was created by kwolfe
Anyone here have the Epic round pro grip?  I have and epic mid and a Jantex Gamma.  I find the round shaft on the Jantex is a bit easier on my hand during long paddles but I do like the Epic blade shape.  

I don't want the slim shaft but am curious about the larger diameter grip because it looks like it does go down to where the blade enters the shaft.

Any thoughts?

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7 months 1 week ago #38646 by rhainan
Replied by rhainan on topic Epic Pro Grip
I really like the round grip.  While I can use the oval shaft and did so for years, once I put my mitts on the round I haven't looked back.  I do prefer the slim shaft, though.  I have smallish hands so that is probably why.

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7 months 2 days ago #38656 by kwolfe
Replied by kwolfe on topic Epic Pro Grip
Thanks to rhainan again!  Got my mid wing pro grip Friday and took it out for a 10 miler flat water Saturday morning.  What a great paddle.  

  • Shaft is great diameter
  • Finish on the shaft is not glassy like my oval shaft.  It's a mat finish but not coarse., but my hands don't slip at all.
  • New lever lock is easy and I like the aluminum lever
  • I really like the ease of my mid wing and now it puts less pressure on the inner thumb knuckle 
  • The lever lock only starts at 60 degrees angle indicator which is kind of dumb
  • the pro grip goes about one finger shy of the ferrule.  Not sure why Epic did this.  I get that the pro grip was added so they could use a single shaft diameter but take it all the way to the blade for gods sake.
Hopefully these pics come through.  Not sure the order but I'm trying to show the shafts face on, from the top (blade 90 degrees) and the ferrule)..

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