Burton Wedge

6 months 3 weeks ago #38680 by RickPPC
Burton Wedge was created by RickPPC
Hello, I am new to surfski, with moderate experience with sea kayaking. I am considering the Burton Wedge as my first surfski, but I can't much information online. Can anyone provide insights about this boat?

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6 months 3 weeks ago #38686 by mickeyA
Replied by mickeyA on topic Burton Wedge
I assume this is a used ski.  Burton was (are they still in business?) an Australian manufacturer. The Wedge is a “spec” ski, not the ocean ski version that dominates this forum.  Spec skis are durable, heavier, have more rocker, surf ocean waves better, and are slower on flat water.  They are built for in and around the surf.  I think Burton’s are well built. I had a Wedge double a while back.  They probably have fixed footwells, which IF they fit you perfectly, is great/rock solid, but a bad fit due to legs being too long or too short can make it a deal killer.  You really need to test it out for fit if fixed footwell.  Lastly, specs can have very shallow, or high seats, which can make them sort of tippy.   Helps to try that part out, too.  If good fit for legs and interests are not just flatwater speed, and not too tippy, and can handle a 39lb boat, go for it.   I love spec skis for surfing.

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